Saturday, January 19, 2008


Sometimes it's hard to find something to blog about, when your day consists of cleaning house, washing dishes, packing, changing diapers, etc. The kids are having lots of fun playing in the boxes, so I posted a picture of them doing just that with their Dad. Grace and Elijah have so much fun together these days. I love to hear them playing and giggling, it makes my heart smile (as my MIL often says). I don't have a lot of time tonight, for tomorrow is Sunday and I have to prepare our clothes for church, plan ahead for Sunday lunch, and study my Sunday School lesson. The kids are learning the song, "This Is The Day". I hope to raise them with a holy reverence for Sunday and what it means to us as Christians. I hope all had a great weekend.

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Natural Mama said...

Hey, Aim! You sound so refreshed! I need to be a better Sunday planner! I usually wait till the morning and we are late! :/

One of my faults I can improve upon! Cute pic, btw!