Thursday, January 24, 2008

Keep On Keepin' On

Today is Thursday, and I don't think I have ever kept my house this clean for this long. I have kept up with the housework and the laundry and the continuous packing. And you know, I still have time for myself and to spend with the kids. It may not be just when they want it, but we have sit-down reading time every night (and sometimes during the day), and yesterday, while I was packing, I tuned the computer to Pandora and we had a good time goof-dancing to some Kirk Franklin and other various black gospel artists :). You should have seen us (or maybe you shouldn't have). LOL!

I let them "help" me do simple tasks--Grace loves to put the silverware in the dishwasher tray. Elijah likes to sweep and vacuum and make up the bed (on his level, of course). It keeps them occupied and within eye shot. I have a certain time set aside every day for my bath and my Bible reading/prayer time. It's just a matter of being organized and staying focused. I have not yet started on my Home Management Binder, mainly because in a week we will be basically homeless for an indefinite period of time. But I am so ready!

I must include another matter that I am excited about: John almost has our new King-size bed finished. It is going to be gorgeous! I have such a talented husband! I will definitely post pics of that soon.

God is good!

I apologize for the lack of new pictures posted. Will get some soon, I promise!


Brandy said...

Good Job Amy! I know that your kids must be a big help, but I am sure that they are growing fast. I'm sure that ya'll will find a home soon and that God will work everything out. Post pictures of the bed soon.

Wendi & Benjamin Wood said...

Your posts are humorous! Make me giggle. I'm just thinking you might better start on that organization stuff, before the third little tyke enters the picture! How fun!

Yeah, would love to see the bed...funny, John is trying to build a bed when ya'll are moving??? Ya'll are silly. Let us know how the job interview goes.