Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Slowly but surely, we are getting things packed up around here. Tonight, John and I plan to tackle the wall decor and whatnot. My husband is such a great team mate in this journey called life. I am so blessed.

Grace is sitting on the potty! She has actually "gone" only once, but thinks she is so big sitting up there. She always asks for a "boot" (book) and will sit until she is done "reading". Elijah (siigh), well, everyone says 3 is the magic number (for potty training success), and since he will be 3 on the 16th, I do hope that they are right! I have started stripping him down to nothing but a shirt, and he will go better when there is nothing there to catch it.

Today we got Elijah a haircut and went to Target shopping for a baby gift. I spent about 1/2 hour in the baby department, and cast a wistful glance at the Women's clothing and shoes as I passed by. The days of browsing those departments seem to be gone :(. We had lunch at Chick-fil-A (one of my faves) and the kids had a great time playing in the play area. I went in to check on Elijah and a lady held up a set of keys and asked, "Are these yours?" Amazingly, they were mine!! Elijah must have snuck them in his pocket and them dropped them while playing. Egad!! It's a good thing I walked in when I did!

Still haven't been to the OB. I tried for the 2nd time to get an appointment today and was denied. I think we are going to try and see someone while I am in Alabama, since I will have no trouble finding a babysitter there.

We've had a couple of leads on good places to rent/buy in Shreveport, but, still no job! This waiting is the worst! That's about all that is going on with us right now--packing, job hunting, potty training :). I am sooooo glad my nausea has lessened greatly and my cold is about 80% gone.

Till next time....


Brandy said...

I enjoyed reading all your blogs. It has been so long since I have been able to get on here. You should check out my page I do have a new blog and a new picture. So when is the big move? 3 Kids? Are you ready for that? I am thinking that Bo Bo might be our only child. Some people are made for lots of kids and some arent. Have fun packing.

Natural Mama said...

I'm still reading! :) Keep us updated with the move and Grace's pottying!

Love ya!