Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Boredom Busters

Let me tell ya somethin'.

It's HOT. Sweltering, dry, and HOT in Louisiana.

Thus, my kiddos spend about 8 minutes outside and run back in the house drenched in sweat and covered in "itchy" mosquito bites. Unless there's water involved, the outdoor play-time has been slim to nerne (none, in case you're wondering).Add Image

What ever am I to do with these bored, energy-bursting chilluns? (might I add that another energy-filled little boy has been dwelling at our house daily, bringing the total to 4 littles).

Welll, I was happy to discover this little ebook at the Happy Housewife. It's free, to boot! It give me some good ideas and refreshed my mind with some oldy activities that had slipped my mind.

Click and obtain!

Here's some snippets of how we've been spending our time, and enjoying these short lazy months of summer:

**Button art! An idea out of the above e-book. You need: poster board, glue, a package of multi-colored buttons, and some q-tips (for dabbing glue). Genius! I love to see their creativity displayed!

***Dune-buggy rides! p.s.--we did NOT allow Elijah to drive. He's just posing for the pic. In his pajamas. Well, it is summer after all ;).

***Summer library fun hour! I must say our library has had some awesome things for the kids this summer. Yesterday it was an Indian "pow-wow" with real, live Indians performing their traditional dances and telling the stories behind them. Neat!

On a more serious note, my bloggy friend Ashlee recently got the news that her 3 year-old little girl, Kari, has leukemia. Please join me in praying for this beautiful little girl. Visit her blog (A Day In The Life of Kari and Malachi) and receive updates about Kari's progress. You will be blessed by Ashlee's faith and strength as she is trusting in the Lord through this hard time. Things like this remind me how blessed I am to have 3 healthy children and how fast things can change. Count your blessings!