Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Women I Come From

This is a little "article" I wrote a couple of years ago on Mother's Day. I heard that song on the radio "These are the women I come from, a faith that sustains them" la la...I can't remember the rest. I was inspired to write this little piece of prose. I came across it recently and thought I'd post it. Hope y'all enjoy it.

The Women I Come From

As Mother’s Day has fast been approaching, I have found myself dwelling on something that is a distinctive factor of who I have become in womanhood and in motherhood. I was born into a world with 6 aunts looking over the edge of my crib, giving their opinion about my first tooth, their diagnosis of why I started my period at just 9 years old, telling me how to spend my graduation money, and fighting over the decorations at my wedding. These are the women who have influenced me and have embedded their qualities in me, whether through genes or the lessons I have learned while watching them make mistakes, and vowing not to repeat them. These are the women who have touched my heart with their open hearts full of love, compassion, and giving to those they hold dear. These are the women who have left me flustered, frustrated, and fascinated by their stubbornness and strong will. These are the women who have left me holding my side in laughter and shaking my head in amazement at their unabashed and blatant sense of humor and point of view while wondering if they have ever heard of the word “tact”. These are women whose lives are full of color, color that would make the most vivid of rainbows seem dull in comparison; women who have advice to give on any subject from sex to colon cleansing (whether it is welcome or not). These are the women whose life experiences, if ever written down and scripted, could fill The Lifetime Movie Network weekend lineup for, well, a lifetime. They have experienced abuse, death of children and loved ones, sickness, and scandal and yet their laughter is still as full of joy and their hearts still as strong as steel. These are my aunts, my Mom, my Grandmother (BB). These are the women I come from. My heritage and a reflection of who I will one day be, a little piece from each one of them, different, yet the same. I could go on and on about these women, but I think you get the picture. There will never be another set of sisters like these! I am proud to be a part of the family of these amazing women.

By Amy Acklen

Happy Mother’s Day 2006

Betty Long

Linda Clarke

Patsy Burford

Phyllis Boykin

Debbie Cooper

Rosie Lee

Cathy Odom

Carol Mason (“adopted” into the sisterhood)

Saturday, September 22, 2007


As a parent, I am increasingly aware of the overwhelming responsibility I have to my children. Not only to train them to be obedient and happy children, but also the responsibility to have the right attitude while doing it. Sometimes I look back at my day and wonder, how many times did I respond to something in haste, without thinking about why I was doing it? How many times did I actually take the time to teach my child something? Why are there behaviors in my children that should not be there--is it because I am a failure? Because I am ignorant? Or because I am lazy in my parenting skills? I know kids will be kids, but I read the articles on the child-rearing websites (, and I feel so convicted because my children do not match the examples they give there. It's like a mirror, showing the ugliness of my actions! Does anyone else feel that way?

On a lighter note, Elijah got a haircut today! We tried last weekend, but he wouldn't let the man touch him, and the time before that was a chaotic disaster! I was beginning to wonder if there was still a little boy under all that hair! Someone recommended Cool Cuts for Kids, and whoever thought up this place was a genius. The waiting area was equipped with a full Thomas The Train Set on a toddler table, so from the moment we walked in, Elijah was occupied. When it came time for the haircut, he was thrilled, because the chairs were actually little Radio Flyer cars! And he got to pick out a DVD to watch on his own personal t.v. while his hair was being cut! I don't think he even realized what was going on. It was worth every penny of the $15.00 it cost us! If I were a hairdresser I would definitely open this kind of salon (BIG bucks). While we were out, we did a little shopping and Elijah got a little tired and cranky. I told him, (with a smile) "You are sooo cantankerous!" He stopped a minute, thought and said, "I am sooo-akin' wet!". It cracked me up! It is funny how they think of things in their little heads.

It seems impossible for me to write short blogs, so I will stop now! Tomorrow is Sunday. Let me go into the House of the Lord with a joyful heart and expectant spirit, willing to do my part. 'Night!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Adventures In Wal-Mart

Okay, I think I've figured out what I am going to do! I am going to blog here, and then copy and paste it over to Bebo. That way, my blog is at both sites and I don't have to do two different things. 'Bout time I thought of that!

Anyway, things have been pretty routine around here lately. Not that I a complaining. I was ready to come home to my house and not go anywhere for a while!!

We did have a little adventure at Wal-Mart last night. Just the other day John mentioned to me that he thought a distant cousin of his (also named John) had gotten married and moved out here to FW. He even picked up the phone and called Nana and asked her if she had his #. Anyway, last night we went to WM grocery shopping and this guys stops John and starts talking to him. It was his cousin John Hollenshead! He didn't know we had moved out here, but thought he recognized (my) John so he called his Granny and asked her before he approached us! Isn't it a small world? They talked for a long time while I shopped. While we were standing in line at the register, I grabbed a People mag (Lord forgive me) and was really into something when I happened to glance up and check on Elijah. He had opened my shaving cream and had it smeared ALL OVER his face, legs, arms, everything. He was quite lathered! I only had about two wipes in my bag, so there wasn't much I could do for him. But he sure smelled good! It could've been worse--like my friend whose son pulled her entire skirt off (to the floor) in the middle of WM!!! But I still I think I will pay more attention to him from now more mags in the grocery line!

Grace seems to be getting the croup, although I hope it is just a bad cold. My children are such a joy to me. I hate to see them sick. Well, I guess that is enough for now! Love everyone of you!


Monday, September 17, 2007


Well, once again I have meandered over to my blogspot and found a big fat "0 comments"! It leaves me in a state of dissappointment to see that no one has anything to say about what I've written! Ok, people? :) Write something, please! Suggestions: "This has to be the most boring blogsight I have ever been to." or maybe "Could you please think of something a little bit more interesting to write about?" I can take the heat, guys. Bring it on. Just please leave me something to go on! Love ya!