Saturday, November 24, 2012

Popping In!

Hello, everyone! I thought I'd pop in and do a little blogging this evening. Can you believe Christmas is only mere weeks away? Egad! I'm not sure that I am going to be ready for it.  But Christmas, this year, you are taking a back seat to another most important event--the birth of our third daughter and fourth child, Josie ______. {middle name undecided at this time}. Josie is due to be born via C-section on Jan 11th, 2013, unless of course, she decides to make her appearance sooner. About this event we are even more excited than Christmas.  I have already entered the nesting stage, putting up the bed, buying clothes, and even making her a blanket (thank you, Pinterest). Still, I feel so unprepared for this baby. I haven't even made a single hairbow for her (I know, shameful).  Hopefully, by the time she arrives her drawers and closet will be well-stocked and I can rest easy.

The last few months have been a blur. We finally moved out of the travel trailer and RV park we were staying in and into a small house in the country. It is not our dream house, but we are thankful for the opportunity to enjoy the quietness of country life. The children have 3 acres on which to run and play and explore (and believe me they do) and John gets to watch deer graze in our backyard from our bedroom window. I love being just a 30 minute drive from friends and family, after 10 years of being 7 (and for a little while, even 12) hours away.

Note: For those who were wondering, John and I are still happily married, so put your minds at ease (wink, wink).  No separation here. If he ever tries to leave, he has to take me with him! Although I have no idea what, if anything, would give someone that idea!

My camera has been down for several months now, and it pains me to have missed so many opportunities for preserving moments.

A few such moments:
*Two weeks ago, when Elijah discovered an old metal barrel in the backyard, climbed in, and got himself stuck. I could not manage to get him out, but thankfully, the garbage truck arrived at that moment and 3 garbage men worked together to get him unstuck and out of the barrel. Sheesh. But wouldn't that have made a great scrapbook page? Elijah posing with the garbage men, shaking their hands in gratitude that he would not be wearing a barrel to his high school graduation? Yeah.

*Emma, getting stuck not once, but twice in one day, in a climbing tree. The same tree.

*Gracie, rocking four wee kittens, all nestled on a quilted doll blanket, sound to sleep in her doll cradle. It really was precious. And kinda sad because three of them died within a week. We're down to one kitten :(. That story really is a blog post in itself.

After all that reminiscing, I'm about to anoint and lay hands on my camera and pray for its speedy return to operation. Can I get an Amen?

Please forgive this picture-less blog. Hope to redeem myself soon. Till then, Merry Getting-Ready For Christmas!