Friday, December 28, 2012

Catching up on Pictures

After months of no visuals to accompany my is some snapshots from events of the last year:

Elijah, with his long-awaited new puppy, which he affectionately named Chinook :).

Boy & Pup, napping on the kitchen foor. Now that's bonding.

Emma helping me open gifts at Josie's baby shower. 

Emma playing games at the baby shower.

All the kids at the church Christmas Dinner. 

The Kids' Christmas choir. These guys were awesome!

Gracie, in her Little House costume, made by Gran Gran. 

Elijah, on Country Christmas Day at Gran-Gran's.

Elijah built his first doghouse this summer, under Papa's supervision.

We celebrated my parents' 40th wedding anniversary with a surprise shindig (with my brother, Bradley and his wife, Monica).

Our trip to the beach in June! 

Gracie celebrated her 6th birthday while we were at the beach. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Bit of Preggo Talk & Letter to Josie

Because, consequently, I am now 36 weeks, which puts me a mere 2 1/2 weeks from delivery (C-section scheduled for Jan 11). this point, being heavily with child, it pretty much consumes my every action and thought. Actions being those akin to a mama walrus clumsily scooting itself across a beach. If sheer size were not enough, add in hemorrhoids, constipation, and a pulled rear end/leg muscle to the picture. I think miserable is a good description. And, yes, I did just blog about hemorrhoids and constipation.

Josie Amelia, we await your arrival with great anticipation. We can't wait to hold you and kiss you and hear that first red-faced cry. To watch in wonder as you snuggle up for your first feeding. To count your tiny fingers and toes. To sigh with relief that the 9 long months are FINALLY over :). That you're OUT. Because, dearie, you are somehow managing to lay on both my bladder and tailbone all at once.  Your Daddy is so patient to administer wonderful back rubs every night, but I sense that he too is ready for his wife to return to normal. I can tell that you are running out of room, because your movements are not quite so frequent and small, but slow, big and pronounced.

I wonder if you will be a thumb-sucker like your two sisters. Hopefully the paci will be a good deterrent. Speaking of your sisters, they are two very excited little girls. They love to get out all your pretty outfits and bows, bibs, and blankies and oo and aahh over them. So far, there has not been one inkling of jealousy, though that could change once you are here and taking up so much of Mama's attention. Your big brother still acts a little miffed that you are not a boy, but I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees you for the first time. No doubt he will be completely smitten.

You have a slew of cousins, aunts and uncles, and a church family waiting to love you. You have two sets of great-grands and still around as well. Plus 5 grandparents. You are a lucky little girl. 

I hope that you have grown accustomed to the ruckus around our house from inside your cocoon. Don't be startled when yelling, singing, and caterwauling breaks out around you. It's just the normal goings-on around here. Soon you will be adding your own wail to the chaos. Welcome to the family!