Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Wow! I'm actually on the puter again! I have not had access to the interne for the last 3-4 weeks. I miss it so much! This link to the outside world is very needful. I wish I could post some pictures, as we have had a lot going on lately. We've had snow (3 inches), and of course Easter weekend. The kids had a blast hunting eggs and are still wanting to hunt them. We have fun playing with them outside.
We have been living with John's grandparents in Homer for the last 4 weeks or so. Words cannot express how ready I am to have my own home again. To have dresser drawers and closets instead of suitcases, and my own kitchen, my own refrigerator, my own bathroom, my own privacy and space. I am going back to Alabama tomorrow (Wednesday) and stay w/ my Mom for a few more weeks. HOPEFULLY, by the time I return we will have landed somewhere. We are getting closer to that goal since John was hired at a company in Shreveport this week! Yeaah!!! We have picked out a mobile home, and now have only to find land to put it on.
The kids seem to be adjusting to this nomadic life quite well. Elijah is still not fully potty-trained, but is doing great considering the circumstances. We have good days and bad days. He is the sweetest thing, very generous with his hugs and kisses and smiles. He is displaying quite an interest in nature, bringing me all sorts of different rocks and leaves and flowers when we are outside. I wish I could keep every one of them as momentums of these passing all-too-quickly days. He still loves to play the drums, and since seeing Bro. Brent Marquee play the saxophone a couple fo weeks ago, he pretend-plays it as well. I am so glad he has such an interest in music!
Gracie, she is something else! Call her a hoot, a mess, a drama queen, it all fits! She made her singing debut Sunday night at church. She sang "Jesus Loves Me" in the mic, but decided to talk in the mic about halfway through, instead of sing :). She rode a horsey for the first time on Sunday, and had every one rolling when she waved and said "Yee-haa!" as she rode by (without being prompted to do so).
Our circumstances right now are probably the hardest of our entire marriage, but I am glad to say that our marriage is stronger than it has ever been. John and I seem to have a bond and an enjoyment of each other more than we'v ever had. I thank God that even though we go through trials, we can go through them with our head up, our chin high, our back straight, and have a smile on our face. That's what makes us different from the world, is that Christ in us is bigger than our problems.
I hope I can come back and blog again soon! I am going to check up on all of yours and leave comments. Miss y'all!