Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My house is a little bland, as far as seasonal decor goes. When you're on a budget as tightly as we are, there's just never any room for purchasing such frivolities as pumpkins or flower arrangements. This week, I managed to do really well on our grocery purchases, and was able to squeeze in a bit of something for the fall season. They had these little sprays for $2 each, so I got three in hopes that I could do something with them. Hopefully I will add a little each year until I accumulate a good stock.

I had this wreath already that I got at a yard sale a while back for $1, I think. I'm not sure about these berries. Were they once red? Doubtful, since there's no red residue on any of them. I thought berries were reminiscent of winter, and are generally red? Don't know about you, but I've never seen any white berries. So, I de-berried it a little.

And then I added the sprays. I already had this fall swag of sorts that I purchased when we lived in FW but never actually found a good place to use it. That got dis-assembled and added to the fray.

The results are in!

What do you think? A little disproportionate, maybe? It almost looks heart-shaped, but you know what, IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO BE BEAUTIFUL. There. I'm officially Nester-ized (if you follow the Nester you know what I'm talking about).

Once the wreath was on the door, and boastful in all its glory, my empty little flower holder thingy looked pretty bleak next to it. So I grabbed some more dead, white berries and some leftover stuff and stuck it in there. I think it needs some feathers. I'm definitely going to look for some feathers to stick in with it.


There's my reflection in the door. Hi! You know they say reflections add 10 lbs.

How's your seasoning coming along?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Multitude Monday

"Reflect Each Day On All You Have To Be Grateful For And
You Will Receive More To Be Grateful For." -Chuck Danes so thankful for it because I'm out and I realize how much I enjoy it!

#10...a husband who fixes grilled cheeses and dons three children with pajamas while Mommy soaks in the tub

#11...good friends who laugh at one another's quirkiness

#12...two little giggleboxes who laugh until their lunch falls out of their mouth

#13...scared tears and comforting arms in the wee hours of the morning

#14...a new living room suit delivered to our door--100% FREE!

#15...a mother-in-law arriving with hugs, smiles, and time to play with littles

#16...the promise of a future visit from a dear mother (in three weeks--counting down the days!)

#17...modern day technology that makes it possible to see a precious new niece, though it doesn't replace the bliss of actually holding, smelling, and kissing her

#18...the hope of crisp, cool, fall weather right around the corner

#19...the quickening of the Holy Spirit that brings encouraging Scripture to a heart when depression threatens to overshadow the day playdough

#21...good bargains on a tight budget

#22...a bubbling pot of hearty chili soup

Would you like to share a little gratitude on your Monday?

Thursday, September 17, 2009


We all have our dreams, right? In today's times, it seems circumstances are making a lot of people's fade away. Our way of living has changed so much, just since I was a kid, and will most likely be changing even more, and even faster than they ever have. I read the predictions from economists and listen to talk radio, and it all gets pretty depressing after a while. Sometimes you just have to shut it all off and occupy yourself with, well, occupying. That's what He told us to do--"Occupy until I come." I guess my preoccupation has mainly been with how our family would fare where we live now in the wake of an economic meltdown. We have space in our back yard for a garden, and we have started stocking up on rice and beans and stuff like that. But the best thing for anyone to do is to know how to "live off the land" so to speak. Our generation depends too much on grocery store conveniences and do not have a clue how to be self-sustaining.

Here's what I think about, dream about every day. Buying a farm somewhere in the beautiful countryside and homesteading. I can just imagine our children having acres of rolling, green hills to run and play on and explore, tire swings to swing on and flowing creeks to wade in. I want it all--chickens, pigs, horses, goats, cows! What a childhood that would be!

Yes, I know a farm requires LOTS of hard work--hours of sweat and toil. What better place to teach children to have a good work ethic and depend on God? To teach them to be self-sufficient in the midst of a time of uncertainty. Looking at where we are now and what it would take to get to this place, it all seems a little far-fetched. But one can dream, can't one??

Monday, September 14, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just Call Me Peter Piper

....because I picked a peck of pickled peppers. Except they weren't pickled when I picked them. But now they are.

Have you ever tried Vlasic's banana peppers, the kind made like dill pickles that you put on salads or sandwiches? I've always loved to get them on my sandwiches at Subway, so I started buying them at the store and we LOVE 'em.

Oh but now, I'm making my own! Every recipe I've found just says vinegar and salt, so that's what I used. I haven't exactly tasted 'em yet, as I am giving them a few days to soak in their juice and get that good, pepper-punchy flavor seeped in. I may have to throw them out and try again, who knows? Lord knows we have PLENTY of banana peppers to experiment with!

Do you have a recipe, advice or suggestion for pickling peppers?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Birthday Girl

My baby is 1! I'm sad, but it she is so much fun right now! Each day is a celebration of her sweet little self. Yes, this post is a little late, about 3 1/2 weeks, actually, but I am relying on friends' cameras, since mine is still in camera rehab. It's on its way home, though. It should be making its arrival Thursday if all goes as planned. I am so going to make up for lost time!

Therefore, I had other friends take pics for me at Emma's party. Other than getting behind schedule a little, things went pretty good. A friend let us borrow an inflatable bouncy house (thanks, Angie!) and we had it outside at our church. Lots of friends, food, and excited kids always make for a good time. A good, EXHAUSTING time! :) I'm so glad for all of our friends who came. Thanks, guys!

Thank goodness first birthdays come only once!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dear Working Mom

*This post was not written by yours truly. It was copied and pasted from Life in a Shoe , and I just HAD to share it, because it mirrored so many thoughts that I often have myself. People often say, "Oh, you're so lucky that your husband makes enough money so you can stay at home." I just bite my tongue and smile and say, "Yes, it's a blessing.", knowing they have no idea the sacrifices we make in order for me to be here. It's great when you find like-minded people!

Dear Working Mom,

I see you nearly every time I'm out with my children. Sometimes you are very young, sometimes you look older. You might look happy one day and tired or stressed the next. You are different every time I meet you, but you say the same thing to me nearly every time: "You're so lucky. I wish I could stay home with my children but I just can't afford it."

Usually I smile and agree that I am blessed, but quite honestly I'd like to challenge you. You say you can't afford to stay home. Maybe you can if you're willing to make some changes.

* Will you trade in your 2 year old car for a 13 year old mini van? The side door might not work very well. Yes, it will break down occasionally on your way to the kids' dental checkups, but that's ok. Your dentist will understand. Do plan to change a flat every now and then, since you might be driving on older tires.
* Will you buy your clothes at thrift stores from now on? I know your clothes aren't terribly expensive now, but even inexpensive clothes add up when you buy them new. No, you won't always be able to wear exactly what you want, but you might find that it's not such a big deal if you're spending most of your time at home. Your kids won't make fun of your fashion sense. Well, not unless they're teens. Then I can't vouch for them.
* You might have to reconsider cable TV. Anyway, the last thing you need is to watch the average 5 hours/day of TV. Too much of it is about working moms driving late model cars and wearing all those clothes you won't be buying.
* Something as simple as grabbing pizza on Friday night might become a financial decision, carefully weighed out.
* Your children should expect some changes too. Ballet lessons, karate lessons, and sports might go on the chopping block. They might be among the sad minority that does not possess a laptop or cell phone. They might never visit Disneyland. Summer camp might even be crossed off the calendar. Don't let the guilt get to you. Just like adults, children are not entitled to all the best in life. Children need to understand that these things are extras. They are wants, not needs. The sooner your children know this, the happier they will be.
* Would you be willing to sell your house? If you're serious about wanting to stay home with your children, this might be what it takes. Are you willing to live in a smaller, older home, in a lower priced neighborhood?

To sum it up, are you willing to give up a middle class lifestyle? I know you're not rich now, but you could get by on less if you really had to. Is staying home with your children worth that much to you?

I realize that not every situation is the same. You might be a single mom, struggling just to keep the electric on. Some churches would help you, but you might not be in that sort of church.

You might be willing to make all the lifestyle changes that would enable you to stay home but your husband insists that you work.

Maybe your husband is disabled, and truly can't support the family.

Or maybe you didn't really mean that you'd love to do it. Maybe you just meant it might be kinda nice, if you didn't have to give up any of your current creature comforts.

But maybe, just maybe you really never thought of it this way and now you realize that you can afford to stay home. Will you do it?