Thursday, September 17, 2009


We all have our dreams, right? In today's times, it seems circumstances are making a lot of people's fade away. Our way of living has changed so much, just since I was a kid, and will most likely be changing even more, and even faster than they ever have. I read the predictions from economists and listen to talk radio, and it all gets pretty depressing after a while. Sometimes you just have to shut it all off and occupy yourself with, well, occupying. That's what He told us to do--"Occupy until I come." I guess my preoccupation has mainly been with how our family would fare where we live now in the wake of an economic meltdown. We have space in our back yard for a garden, and we have started stocking up on rice and beans and stuff like that. But the best thing for anyone to do is to know how to "live off the land" so to speak. Our generation depends too much on grocery store conveniences and do not have a clue how to be self-sustaining.

Here's what I think about, dream about every day. Buying a farm somewhere in the beautiful countryside and homesteading. I can just imagine our children having acres of rolling, green hills to run and play on and explore, tire swings to swing on and flowing creeks to wade in. I want it all--chickens, pigs, horses, goats, cows! What a childhood that would be!

Yes, I know a farm requires LOTS of hard work--hours of sweat and toil. What better place to teach children to have a good work ethic and depend on God? To teach them to be self-sufficient in the midst of a time of uncertainty. Looking at where we are now and what it would take to get to this place, it all seems a little far-fetched. But one can dream, can't one??


Anonymous said...

You can dream I think it is good. But often times we have a hard time remebering to acceppt some dreams don't come true and finding happiness in that. I for one depend a lot on convience. It would be nice to learn to make more from my hands from scratch. Like clothes, food, and gifts. Thanks for the thought.

Natural Mama said...

Love the post...u know how I feel already :)

Brandy said...

Love the post and the picture. I dream that I will oneday have a house like that. You are very true, life as we no it is no more. I hate to think that my son will not enjoy the country life, but have to live in the half city life. Trey and I are so different because we were raised (city/country lives). I would love to learn to sew and do all the things that our grandmothers had to do. Life was so simple.