Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's up?

Pretty lame title, I know. But at 6:37 a.m. you take what you can get :). It seems like all I do lately is update, but there has not been any bee in my bonnet or particular inspiration to share with you lately. In fact, if there were, I probably wouldn't have time to share it anyway. Thus another update. Bear with me (is it "bear" or "bare"?)

Our typical homeschool day has leveled out some, and things are going a lot smoother. Thank you for letting me whine the other day, and not offering me any cheese to go with it. I will say that I'm not sure that the Abeka Academy DVD method of homeschooling will be repeated in our home next year. While I am confident that Elijah is learning everything he needs to know, I'm not thoroughly convinced that he could not learn just as well with something that is not as time-consuming or doesn't tie us down to the computer 4 - 5 hours a day. Is it even healthy for any kid to be in front of a screen for that amount of time each day?

The curriculum I chose for Gracie, Rod & Staff, has been a bit of a disappointment as well. Don't get me wrong, she loves it, but I feel it is a bit slow and she is not being challenged to reach her full potential. It's all trial and error, I guess. Maybe the good Lord knew I would be occupied by Elijah's school so He lead me to something a little bit more relaxed for Gracie. That's what I like to think.

I must confess, I thought I had this homeschool thing by the tail, but I'm realizing how much I've got to learn. I'm slowly recognizing my childrens' learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses and hope that I can find a curriculum that is a good fit for all of us next year.

On another note, our lives seem to be busier than ever. Elijah is a cub scout now and Grace joined a little girls club called GEMS (God Expects My Service). Both of these organizations are offered through our homeschool group and consist of other homeschoolers and their families. We are meeting so many new, awesome people in this city through this homeschool group. Last weekend, we took a trip to Sci-port (a children's science museum) with one of these families. Thanks to my MIL for buying season passes, we can go anytime for free!

I'm hoping things slow down for us, but I have a feeling they are just going to get busier. I'm so thankful that even though we are busy we are happy, whole, and together.