Saturday, September 22, 2007


As a parent, I am increasingly aware of the overwhelming responsibility I have to my children. Not only to train them to be obedient and happy children, but also the responsibility to have the right attitude while doing it. Sometimes I look back at my day and wonder, how many times did I respond to something in haste, without thinking about why I was doing it? How many times did I actually take the time to teach my child something? Why are there behaviors in my children that should not be there--is it because I am a failure? Because I am ignorant? Or because I am lazy in my parenting skills? I know kids will be kids, but I read the articles on the child-rearing websites (, and I feel so convicted because my children do not match the examples they give there. It's like a mirror, showing the ugliness of my actions! Does anyone else feel that way?

On a lighter note, Elijah got a haircut today! We tried last weekend, but he wouldn't let the man touch him, and the time before that was a chaotic disaster! I was beginning to wonder if there was still a little boy under all that hair! Someone recommended Cool Cuts for Kids, and whoever thought up this place was a genius. The waiting area was equipped with a full Thomas The Train Set on a toddler table, so from the moment we walked in, Elijah was occupied. When it came time for the haircut, he was thrilled, because the chairs were actually little Radio Flyer cars! And he got to pick out a DVD to watch on his own personal t.v. while his hair was being cut! I don't think he even realized what was going on. It was worth every penny of the $15.00 it cost us! If I were a hairdresser I would definitely open this kind of salon (BIG bucks). While we were out, we did a little shopping and Elijah got a little tired and cranky. I told him, (with a smile) "You are sooo cantankerous!" He stopped a minute, thought and said, "I am sooo-akin' wet!". It cracked me up! It is funny how they think of things in their little heads.

It seems impossible for me to write short blogs, so I will stop now! Tomorrow is Sunday. Let me go into the House of the Lord with a joyful heart and expectant spirit, willing to do my part. 'Night!


Autumn said...

I feel often like a failure when I see the kids mimicing something I do that I am not proud of, don't beat yourself up to much. The haircut place sounds great what a wonderful idea. Be sure and drop by my blog and vote on my new kiddo's name!!!

Natural Mama said...

Your blog page looks great, Amy! I love the sidebar of pictures. How is Elijah doing with the potty? Looks like he's having fun anyway! Glad you are blogging again. Can't wait to read more from ya!

Love and Hugs,