Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Women I Come From

This is a little "article" I wrote a couple of years ago on Mother's Day. I heard that song on the radio "These are the women I come from, a faith that sustains them" la la...I can't remember the rest. I was inspired to write this little piece of prose. I came across it recently and thought I'd post it. Hope y'all enjoy it.

The Women I Come From

As Mother’s Day has fast been approaching, I have found myself dwelling on something that is a distinctive factor of who I have become in womanhood and in motherhood. I was born into a world with 6 aunts looking over the edge of my crib, giving their opinion about my first tooth, their diagnosis of why I started my period at just 9 years old, telling me how to spend my graduation money, and fighting over the decorations at my wedding. These are the women who have influenced me and have embedded their qualities in me, whether through genes or the lessons I have learned while watching them make mistakes, and vowing not to repeat them. These are the women who have touched my heart with their open hearts full of love, compassion, and giving to those they hold dear. These are the women who have left me flustered, frustrated, and fascinated by their stubbornness and strong will. These are the women who have left me holding my side in laughter and shaking my head in amazement at their unabashed and blatant sense of humor and point of view while wondering if they have ever heard of the word “tact”. These are women whose lives are full of color, color that would make the most vivid of rainbows seem dull in comparison; women who have advice to give on any subject from sex to colon cleansing (whether it is welcome or not). These are the women whose life experiences, if ever written down and scripted, could fill The Lifetime Movie Network weekend lineup for, well, a lifetime. They have experienced abuse, death of children and loved ones, sickness, and scandal and yet their laughter is still as full of joy and their hearts still as strong as steel. These are my aunts, my Mom, my Grandmother (BB). These are the women I come from. My heritage and a reflection of who I will one day be, a little piece from each one of them, different, yet the same. I could go on and on about these women, but I think you get the picture. There will never be another set of sisters like these! I am proud to be a part of the family of these amazing women.

By Amy Acklen

Happy Mother’s Day 2006

Betty Long

Linda Clarke

Patsy Burford

Phyllis Boykin

Debbie Cooper

Rosie Lee

Cathy Odom

Carol Mason (“adopted” into the sisterhood)

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Autumn said...

Hey amy, I really enjoyed reading that. I think all girls need these types of women in there lives, and if they or lucky enough to have them then they or truly blessed.