Monday, January 21, 2008

The Old Me

STOP! Read the next blog before you read this one!!

This is what I read that reached out and grabbed me because it was like someone was writing the definition of Amy Acklen into Webster's dictionary!

Jessica couldn't believe the mess her house had become. Just a few days ago she scrubbed just about everything, put away all of the stuff that wandered away from its home, dusted, cleaned mirrors, and the house looked great. Now it's in shambles. She has to step over toys, clothes, empty packaging, and even empty milk cartons. It's like a whirlwind went through her house. Everywhere she looks, it looks like a disaster. Meanwhile, her children are bickering with each other, and yelling for mommy's justice, to remedy the minute situation.

Jessica is 30 pounds overweight, has tangles in her hair, is wearing stained sweat pants and a tee shirt, and mourns that she just doesn't seem to have any time for herself anymore. She thinks upon the "good ole days", when she styled her hair, dressed nicely, and was able to keep her house in decent order: Before the children....

A pang of guilt stabs her in the pit of her stomach, as she remembers that God says in His word that children are a blessing from the Lord. She should be thankful for them. She knows there is a better way, but she just doesn't know what to do.

And another part....

What is it that makes you happy? Think on this truthfully...Do you look forward to putting the kids to bed, so that you can watch a movie and eat some chocolate? Do you yearn to "get out"? Is it 'fun' for you to eat, even if you're not hungry?

Well, that may have been the old Amy, but not anymore. I feel as if a burden has been lifted, and inspiration is having a good affect on me. Thanks, Monica! :)


Natural Mama said...

Amy, I also wanted to tell you that I've started on my Home Management Binder and I'm having a blast with it. I sort of did something like that in my head, but it will be nice to see it on paper. Since I will start homeschooling (to a degree) this summer, I have got to be organized. I'm so excited about it all! PS. I'm speaking at the Ladies Meeting in Feb. I hope you will be here bc I'm speaking about "The Case for Homemakers". LOL I need some support!!!! (Using some info from the Ebook)

Amy said...

Girl, I will be there with bells on in your Amen corner! If you need any testimonials, just let me I wanted to share with you...I called my old neighbor in Farmerville yesterday and told her about the baby. You would've thought I'd told her I had cancer. She was like, "Oh, I am so sorry, Babe! You just hang in there." What a way to boost the super mom morale, eh? Glad you're reading my stuff :).

Brandy said...

Funny! That is me too. I would rather my house be dirty and my son be happy.