Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cabin Fever Again!

After four days of not stepping foot out of the house (because of the extreme cold), we decided it was time! John took his lunch break and met us at Mickey D's for some much needed play time for the kids. We got to visit and discuss some plans. It was nice.

It's always interesting going out in public with the children. Grace is fascinated by babies and she walks around the eating area peeping into baby carriers and trying to (a) feed the babies French fries or (b) steal other people's French fries. Fortunately, people think it is cute and don't take offense from her thieving ways.

Elijah always seems to find a way to fall. Maybe because he climbs so much? He bonked heads with another little boy once and ran smack into a pole another time. I think maybe he needs his eyes checked?

I got a little crunk on some little, well, rather big girls in the play area. They were way too big to be playing to start with, but to top it off they climbed on TOP of the area where the little kids play and had on really big, heavy boots. I asked them nicely to get down and take their boots off because they could hurt other children. They did get down, but ignored me about the boots. I was nice, but if the Mom hadn't showed up, I probably would've done a bit more scolding. Blame it on hormones.

I tried to explain to Elijah about the baby today. He scrunched up his nose, put his hands out and said, "What do you mean?" I told him we are going to have a little baby like cousin Evan. I asked him did he want a baby brother or sister. He kind of ignored me for a while, but a few minutes later he came up to me and said he wants a baby brother. Not sure if he knows what he is talking about, but it is mighty cute.

I am still not sure how far along I am. I was thinking about 8 weeks and then I started thinking and it could be more like 12 weeks. I am going to try and see a doctor pretty soon so I can find out for sure. My clothes are already getting tight. I so dread the maternity clothes thing! It so hard finding modest maternity clothing and the clothes from the first two pregnancies are about threadbare. Why do they think fat people want to show everything off??

I am feeling a little better today, cold wise. My nausea seems to be getting a little bit better day by day. I plan to start packing this weekend (ugh) and then we will figure out what we are going to do with all of our stuff in between moves. I will once again be homeless, but it will not be for long, I hope.

I'd best be off to cook some hamburgers for my wonderful man. I am so craving strawberries and fruit dip. Elijah was my slushy baby, Grace was my pancake baby, and it looks like this one is going to be my fruit baby.

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