Friday, January 4, 2008


Moved out of this house in 3 weeks? What were we thinking??!! John picked up some boxes tonight from a freecycler, so that means next week, we've got to hoof it. We being mainly me. I pray my physical ills will be passed and I can throw myself into it. I will have to let the rest of the house go, I guess. It is going to drive me crazy!

Have I mentioned lately that my kids amaze me? They love to "play" in the dishwasher, resorting the dishes, especially the silverware. I take out all of the knives and let them go at it. Well tonight, they set the table for John and I for supper! Yep, John and I were talking in our bedroom and we came out to the kitchen to sit down with a bowl of chilly and alas, the table was set with bowls and plates and the kids' little plates at their places!! I thought John had done it but he said, no. So who does that leave? I was one proud Mama! Should've taken a picture of it, huh?

How are your resolutions going? I didn't make any this year. The weight loss thing is off, due to pregoville. That doesn't mean I am going to eat myself into a blimp (I'm already half there). I am trying to be conscientious.

Somehow admist all this chaos I have got to plan Elijah some sort of birthday party. My little boy is three this month!! It makes it kind of hard when all our friends and family are so far away. I miss them even more at times like this.

Well, keep warm and keep those resolutions!

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