Monday, January 21, 2008

The New Me

Saturday night, while reading my SIL's blog, I stumbled upon a treasure. She provided the link to a website of another stay at home mom. Let me call her "super" stay at home mom. She had some reading material on her page that was just what I needed for the moment. OK, let me back up a bit. Saturday morning, I woke up to a messy house, cranky kids, and a general hopeless and dejected feeling of worthlessness and disappointment in my own self. Probably a better way to sum it all up was to say I was depressed. I felt so bad that I shut myself up in my walk in closet and cried before the Lord for about half an hour. I felt a little better, enough to push myself through the day. Saturday night, I couldn't wait to get the kids in bed and go crawl into my bed with my laptop. There is when I wound up at Monica's blog. I followed the links to this page, and read part of an ebook this woman wrote for Moms. I have included the excerpt that really got my attention in the next blog.

I got to thinking about how much idle time I spend every day, whether on the computer or napping when the kids nap. I don't feel too terribly bad about that part, because I realize my body needs more rest at this stage in my pregnancy. But I spend entirely too much time "loafing", looking forward to eating, and getting my kids out of my hair. I hate that, and I am ready to do whatever it takes to become that joyful wife talked about in Proverbs. I had a good talk about it with the Lord, and I am ready to take it on full speed.

Today, I got up with renewed energy and purpose, realizing my ministry is to my children and my family, and it is such an honor to be able to be at home and serve my family. I feel a change in my spirit, and am proud of what I have accomplished today. I am ready to be the super organized, cheerful and creative Mom that I know I can be. Bring it on!


Candy said...

Hey Amy! I met you at Autumn's shower. Thanks so much for this blog. This is exactly how I have been feeling!! Thanks for the boost I needed to get myself going as well.

Natural Mama said...

Amy, this brings tears to my eyes! I'm so glad the site helped you. It did me, as well. Put it all in perspective, ya know? It's all about our outlook isn't it? Our day can go terrible, but if we have a joyful spirit and a happy outlook, that won't even phase us. You have made my day. Love you!

Brandy said...

Amy, I also checked out that site and some of it was really helpful but some of it made me stop and think. My house is hardley ever clean, and we don't get cooked meals everynight, but I think that I would rather be spending my time playing with Brodie. (Since he doesn't play very well by hisself.) Then I thought of my idle time, what idle time? Sure there are days where I take naps with Brodie, but what about my health. We are still getting up 2 and 3 times a night that takes a toll on me. I guess I could say forget me, but if I forget me then how do I keep myself happy?