Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yesterday (Wed), we closed on our house for the final time. We actually refinanced it, but it's complicated, so I won't go into how it all works. Anyway, we've been through that before, and we always get schmoogled somehow in the process. Shmoogled meaning they tell us an amount for the monthly payment and/or the closing costs and it's always a significant amount more than what we are told, which is not revealed (conveniently) until we are at the lawyer's office, signing the papers. What do you do but sign? Let your house go? Move out after you've been living there for 5 months? Well, this time, my hubby stood up to them and the lawyer got on the phone and did some negotiating until the amount was back down to what we had been told. Go Baby! :) So we are now proud owners of our home, with a nice fat little note to prove it!

Yesterday, I made a point to spend some good, quality, one-on-one time with each of the kids. Emma is not a problem, since she is stuck to me half the day :). She is such a precious sweetie, really smiling big smiles at Mama now. Everytime I pick her up from her bed she seems heavier and longer. It's amazing!

Elijah is so funny in his expressions. He talks with his hands. It is so cute. After he woke up from his nap yesterday I laid down with him and we had some good chat time. I could tell he drank it in, every minute of it. And so did I!

Grace needs soooo much attention, there's no doubt about that. She gives me many opportunities to show it to her. We had some rock & cuddle time in the recliner yesterday afternoon. She is a mischevious little hoot! She usually wakes up first in the morning and is SO loud and does not know how to tone it down. One morning I got close to her face and told her, "!!" She grinned, scrunched up her nose and said, "Gimme a kiss." You would have to be there, to appreciate the full impact of that statement!

To end this blog, I will say, please, fellow bloggers, send up a prayer for me. I cannot seem to get back into the rhythm of the schedule I was going by last week. I need to do better next week! It was so nice to be organized and planned out and stuff get done. I wanna do it again!

Thanks in advance :)

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Natural Mama said...

Use the timer and do a 10 minute pickup when things seem to be a little messy. Don't stress and try to get it all cleaned up at one time. Besides, you're doing the most impt thing: spending quality time with your kiddos!!

Lotsa love

PS. SO glad you enjoyed the blog I recommended! I could'nt get enough of it--it was like a breath of fresh air! :o)