Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Feelin'

Does your home get a certain vibe to it on Fridays? Ours does--it's a feeling of excitement, anticipation, and relief! I am more positive and upbeat, which the kids pick up on, and in turn, they are excited, too! For one, Daddy will be home early today. He gets off at 3:45 every Friday and is home by 4:30. His homecoming is the highlight of all our days, but especially Friday. He usually has something up his sleeve--a plan he lets me in on at the last minute. I have learned to have the diaper bag packed, the kids dressed nice and ready to go somewhere--wherever it may be. Sometimes it's just to browse around Home Depot and dream of the things we'd like to see done to our house. One Friday we took the kids to Chick-fil-A so they could play (we are now anti-McDonald's). It's always fun, but sometimes rather nerve-wracking when I am not prepared. It's quite a job to get three little ones ready to go somewhere in a rush!

Today, we are just hangin'--John and the kids are in the backyard. Daddy is trying to fix the John Deer gator he managed to get us for free! It doesn't run right now, but he thinks he can fix it. Very exciting. We also got a new computer today! It is very nice! Also very exciting. Tomorrow we are packing up and heading to Monroe, LA where we will be attending the Homecoming service at the church we went to for five years before John's job took us elsewhere. Another exciting thing to look forward to. How about your Friday? Does your home have that Friday Feelin'?



Sondra! said...

Yes! We love Fridays, too. It is like a relief to be 'free'. No work, no school- just us. Well, Casey went and grew up on us- so he has to work sometimes. But we just hang out. Gav is camping out with a friend tonight. Peyton went to my Mom's so tonight is very quiet. Unreal almost. Hope you have a great Saturday- we plan to!

Natural Mama said...

Definitely! We are all about Fridays. It leads up to our favorite day, Saturday! :o) Sounds like you are enjoying your little family! :o) Have a great weekend! Love ya sis!

Brandy said...

I know what you mean, it is the feeling of having to do nothing at all. I have a new blog so your waiting is over.