Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Making It

This week has been challenging, to say the least. Emma has decided her home is on the boob and nowhere else! If she is not eating or being held or asleep, she is screaming. We went on an errand for John today, which took about 3 hours, and she cried the entire time (in the carseat), except for maybe 15 minutes. I remember Elijah going through something like this for a period, but he grew out of it. That gives me some hope.

Our camera is acting up, or rather the batteries are. And so I was really disappointed that I could not get a picture of Elijah today when he brought me a nice little present....a big, fat, long, squiggly worm!! He thought it was hilarious when I squealed and demanded he take it back outside. I caught him hiding in Grace's room playing with it later. I think he was carrying it around in his pocket!! Ugh! Boys.

Grace asked to go tee-tee twice during church last night and made her deposit both times. I am very excited. She has done great today as well. It's the cutest thing--when I take her and she can't go, she will shake her head woefully and say, "It not workin'." :)

John is now back in college full swing. He has classes on Monday and Thursday night this semester, and we are all adjusting to his absence. The kids miss him so much and start asking "When is Daddy coming home?" almost as soon as he leaves each morning. He is such a good Daddy. He helps with nursing home service and the adult SS class at church, so he also has to study for those occasions. It is hard to leave him alone to let him study when he is here. I am proud of him and his commitment to better our family. I know it will all be worth it one day.

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Natural Mama said...

Evan screamed for 4 months straight in his carseat! It was enough to want to keep me home all the time! :o) I remember when he was 2 weeks old and I had gone to get groceries in MS. I stopped 2 different times on the way to nurse and comfort him. I'm talking, SCREAMING. :o) Hang in there. The nursing will get more scheduled and regular too. Right now give her all she wants, unless she's having tummy problems, of course. :o) That's cute about Grace!! Your mom told me.

Take care of yourself and hope you are recovering nicely!