Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To Save a Squirrel

Interesting title, eh? Yesterday, Elijah and I were sitting out on the porch swing while the girls were napping. All of a sudden I heard the most dreadful sound--the sound of some creature in pain and panic. I looked up to see our cat, Snowbell, walking across the yard with a squirrel in its mouth! The poor little thing was crying with all its might! I felt so sorry for it, I immediately jumped up and ran to Snowbell and hit him, hoping the squirrel would get away. Well, the squirrel would get loose, run a little ways, and then Snowbell would chase him down and capture him again. Thence I would hit him again (I had a stick after about the 3rd time). Snowbell decided I was not going to let him have his lunch, so he grabbed the squirrel and tried to run under the house with it. I caught him by the tail, just in time, and held it! The little squirrel ran under the house, Snowbell hot under his heels. I don't know if it got away or not, but I sure did try to save him!

Elijah thought the entire ordeal was hilarious and had a wonderful time watching us! If only you could've seen me! :)


Brandy said...

I bet this was a very funny sight. You newest addition is very cute.

Wendi & Benjamin Wood said...

Funny! I got a good pic of Grace. Check out my blog later. It's cute! Like the new blog look!