Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Weekend

Wow, was it busy! I forgot to mention in my Friday blog, a little incident that happened to Grace Friday afternoon. I put her down for a nap, and of course, she got up and was playing in her room. I heard some thumping and singing going on, and went to administer some understanding to her, but alas, the door was locked!! Every other door in the house has a flat little slit where you can just stick in a butter knife and unlock it, EXCEPT Grace's room! This was a lock-and-key thing that only a locksmith could unlock! I started telling her to unlock the door, which she doesn't know how to do! So I told her to go lay down in her bed and go to sleep, hoping she wouldn't realize she was locked in and freak out. It didn't work. She started crying hysterically. Elijah was telling her, "Just TURN it, Gracie!" lol That was cute. I called Daddy, he said just try to keep her calm til I get home (another 45 minutes). Then Elijah started sliding her pictures and pieces of paper under the door and that disctracted her so she calmed down. I prayed a very serious, heartfelt, "Lord, please help her to unlock this door", bcause I knew even when John got home he did not have a key and I wasnt' sure if we could take the door down because the hinges were on the inside. And a few minutes later, here she comes, "I got out, Mama!" Whew!! Thank you, Jesus! Aren't you glad he hears our little Mom prayers when we need Him?

So now on to the rest of the weekend. We got off at about 11:00 Saturday, with plans to meet with John's sister and her kids (who were up from Mississippi for a visit) for lunch. I really expected Emma to do worse than what she did--she hates her carseat. But she surprised me and did all right, actually. We had a good visit with Wendi, Andrew, Tatiana, and Diego, whom we rarely get to see, and then we headed to Columbia, LA, to spend the night with John's uncle and aunt. My dear, sweet, thoughtful, loving husband informed me on the way that we were going to go pick out a dishwasher!! He sure knows the way to my heart :). I can't wait to get it installed!

The kids had a ball at Uncle Mike's, playing with their toy poodle Bear (isn't that a name for a tiny poodle?), riding the four-wheeler, and watching cartoons. And Emma, well, she actually fell asleep when we got there and slept for 6 hours straight!!!! I was checking her breathing every 15 minutes! It was nice to relax and be someone company for a while!

Yesterday, we went to church at John's home church and saw a lot of good friends we haven't seen in a while. It was a little like going home for us, since we went to church there for 5.5 years. The church services there have always been so powerful, and I think we forgot about that a little. We just looked at each other in awe during the song service like, "Wow, doesn't this feel good?" It was a great day in the Lord's house.

We're back home now, and glad for it. There is lots to unpack and put away, lots of laundry to do. I am so thankful for the peaceful, happy home I have to come back to when the traveling is over.

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Natural Mama said...

Oh my goodness about Grace!!!!!!!!!!! That is so cute about Elijah sendiing her papers under the door!! Erin had a headache this evening and Emory kept rubbing her head! The can annoy the fire outta them, but they really love those little sis's. Good to hear the report on your weekend. Maybe I'll get a chance to call tomorrow00Bradley said you had left a msg.