Sunday, September 14, 2008

Messes Can Be Deceiving

Ok, I started this blog Friday night and I'm just now getting to finish it (Sunday). We were out of power for a while from Ike, but thank goodness, it's back on already. The news was saying it may be out for 2 weeks--I was about to start packing and head for Alabama (seriously).

I look around at the disaster of my house surrounding me and think, "What have I done this week?" Then I remind myself, you have a four week old baby who is not an easy one to say the least, and you also have one preschooler and one toddler--just breathe and let it go. I think it would be funny to post a pic of how bad it is. People are always posting pictures of their clean houses and stuff they are proud of. I am changing my thinking. "Look at this mess. This means I focused most of my energy on my children, nurturing, instructing, rocking, feeding, bathing, schooling, and playing with them. Emma will get older. Things will get easier. I am proud of the things I did in place of stressing over this mess!"

On the other hand, I did tackle some pretty significant project this week:
  1. Hung pictures on the wall in living room and dining room.
  2. Helped hubby hang new ceiling fan/light fixture in living room.
  3. Put together new floor lamp for living room (on sale at WM for $11.00--tag read $54.99).
  4. Started cleaning out den formerly used as storage/junk room.
  5. Friday I watched Micah, my friend Janna's little boy, while she was having her tubes tied and also made her a batch of potato soup.
We also had a series of mishaps and misadventures:
  1. Grace fell of the back porch and could have very easily broken her leg from the position I found her in (whole body dangling from one leg that was stuck between step and rail).
  2. Elijah poured out a bucket of paint in the living room floor. Thank God we have laminate floors instead of carpet. I scrubbed on hands and knees and got it up, as well as the trail of paint from the living room to the dining room.
  3. Elijah picked up Emma from her bouncy seat and carried her from the living room to the kitchen!! What am I going to do with him? This is the 2nd incident of this nature.
I think you will agree with my new line of thought--messes can be so deceiving! The fact that my house is a mess does not mean I've been idle or negligent--maybe just not the best manager of time. I am proud that I am learning to look at it differently. It is making my life easier.


Autumn said...

You're doing great! You're getting stuff done at your own pace and there is nothing wrong with that. Don't stress just enjoy that baby!

Natural Mama said...

I know some kind of schedule will help you out...but I know, when will you have time to make out a schedule? LOL Don't stress about the messes, you won't remember them specifically. You will remember missed times with the kids, tho!!

Hey, visit this blog: Oh my, you'd better take you some tissues and a glass of tea. It is an awesome blog, girl. Very, very encouraging and inspiring!! Let me know if you checked it out.