Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Absentee

Things are beginning to get better around here. We've had lots of snot, coughing, and more snot. My house has suffered, the laundry has suffered, and this little blog has been the last thing on my list. Emma still has a pretty rough little cough. I took her to the doctor on Monday to get it checked out. It's a pretty shallow cough, although it sounded really chesty to me. The Pediatrician said it's a viral thing, and it will take a couple more weeks to get over it. I am very excited about seeing this Pediatrician. If recall an earlier postt, where I had a terrible experience the last time I tried to find us a good doctor, you will understand my relief. Anyways, my little Chunky Monkey weighs 15 lbs and 13 oz. She smiled and flirted with all the staff and they really made over her, bragging on her pretty green eyes. She is going to have her Daddy's stand-out beautiful green eyes. Can you tell we are all in love with her? She has everyone's full devotion, from Daddy down to Gracie.

Despite the trials and tribulations of sickness, we have crossed a MONUMENTAL barrier in the past week. You're not going to believe this: Elijah and Grace are BOTH sleeping through the night, in their OWN beds!!! This is literally an answer to MUCH prayer and I am THRILLED beyond what I can explain. It's about time! Also, Gracie is almost fully potty-trained (is that a contradiction?). It won't be long, and no more diapers for Gracie!

Well, until I have something more interesting to post, or even some good pictures (the camera is down again), it'll be slow posting here. I hope everyone is doing great. Have a good second Monday :0).

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