Saturday, January 17, 2009


It's our turn! We all have the yuckies. Today was Day 3 of Grace's fever, and it finally broke this evening. Emma's temp ran 102.5 rectally this evening and Elijah is also running a temp, although I haven't checked his yet. John sprained his ankle today while loading our stuff into the Penske truck. It took us 3 hours to get it all unloaded into our house. It's like moving in all over again! I think we just need to light a match to it all. GROAN.

Needless to say, my blogtime will be severely limited until we are all better. I'll try to post as soon as I can. Gotta take care of my afflicted family for the time being.


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Wendi & Benjamin Wood said...

No fun... maybe it's going around...see my blog for details about our horrnedous week!

Hopefully everyone will be feeling better soon!