Friday, January 9, 2009

My Week in Review

After a very busy week, stumbling around suitcases and boxes of Christmas presents, we are finally seeing some progress around here. I am glad Christmas comes only once a year! :0). Monday, we just recovered. We got in really late Sunday night, and the kids were all snotty, so we basically vegged (and unloaded the van).

Tuesday was church night, which cuts our day in half, basically, because when the kids go down for a nap, I shower and get myself ready for church. I have a lot of hair, and it takes a while to get it looking halfway decent. It's waist length has to be washed, combed out, blow-dried, curled, and fixed. Sometimes I am on the verge of tears by the time it is all over with! After I am ready, I don my apron (I'm so excited to have gotten a new one from Mom for Christmas), and start prepping for supper. Tuesday night is my one-dish, crock-pot night, something quick and easy that does not leave my kitchen in a mess. After the meal is going, it's time to lay out everyone's clothes for church and iron, if necessary. When the kids get up from their nap, it's bath time. We do all of this very early, around 3:00, because DH (here I go using y'all's terms), has to lead service so it is a must that we are on time. I get them all bathed and dress them in PJs or something for eating in, so they don't mess up their clothes. This takes 1-1/2 hours. Keep in mind I have to tend to an infant in the midst of all this :0). At 4:30 I begin setting the table (or at least try to) and do some cleaning ahead, since we won't have time to clean the kitchen after supper. DH is home by 5:30, and we sit down and try to have a nice, non-rushed meal as a family. DH shaves and dresses, I dress the babies, assemble the diaper bag and before you know it, it's 7:00 and time to go! Whew! It takes determination, folks.

Wednesday is almost like Monday all over again because the kiddos are a little tired from the late night before. This Wednesday, I was determined to get Grace's room in order. It was a catastrophe. After successfully cleaning her room, I decided to put up a little wall art that my friend Autumn and I had made for Grace when she was just a baby. She bought the letters at WM and we used some craft paint to paint them all the pretty colors. She's creative like that. It wouldn't stick to her new walls, because of the texture, so I got creative! What do you think?

I pulled out some of my ribbon and some thumbtacks and was pleased with the result. Can you tell I've been reading Nester? I've been seeing things all over the house than can be revamped with minimal effort. Now to find the time....

Wednesday, we went grocery shopping, and while attempting to put the new groceries in the pantry I decided it was time for a little reorganization. Here's my pantry before:

Here's my pantry after:

I know some of you crunchers would be in shock at the amount of MSG present in my pantry! DH is not supportive of buying the pricier, "heathier" foods (yet--I'm still praying he'll come around).

Thursday was a better day. We had a really good day, actually. It was gorgeous outside, and so we stayed outside on the porch and in the yard, just drinking it in. While we were in the yard, a truck with two young men and a little girl stopped in the road and called to me. The guy driving said he had found the little girl (about 2-3 years old) out on the main road riding her tricycle all by herself. She had told them she lived on our street, so they were looking for her parents. The little girl was dressed very lightly in an oversized, dirty t-shirt, and a pair of shorts--no shoes. Her shorts were full of poop and was steadily stinking up the guys' truck--bless their hearts, they were good sports. I had never seen her before, so I went across the road to my neighbor who has lived here for a long time. He came out and looked, but didn't know her, either. The little girl spotted a dog that was in my yard and said that was her dog. So the guys followed the dog, until he stopped and went inside a house about 6 houses down, where the front door was open. The guy said he knocked on the door, and looking in the house, saw a man and a woman "asleep"on the couch. He said he knocked and yelled, but they would not get up. He finally went in and shook the woman, who opened her eyes. He said, "Do you have a little girl?" She said "yea", and the guy said, "Well, I found her out on the main road, all by herself." The woman said "No Kidding!" and passed back out. They were obviously stoned out of their mind. Well, the guys left her there (!!) and came back to my house where they called 911 and reported it. We waited for about 20 minutes but no one came. The guys drove down the road where they were cleaning a pool and said they would watch for the cops from there. I still don't know what happened. All day long I've been thinking about that little girl down the street, probably cold, hungry, and covered in poop.

So here we are at Friday. We've been on Weight Watchers this week, and DH is already showing signs of losing (no fair!). He's been doing push-ups every evening with a little help from Elijah.

DH has also started having Bible reading/devotional time with the kiddos at night. So far, they are having a little trouble sitting still through it, but I think it will get better as they get more used to it.

Sorry so long, but I haven't had time to post about all the happenings this week, so I had to catch up. Exciting week, huh?


Sondra! said...

LOVE it!

It feels like an afternoon chat whenever I read your blog. I hope the little girl is ok. Sounds like a Sunday School Bus kid to me? I know you mentioned once about "seeing" people who need God so maybe this is one for your family.

Is 'nester' the name of the site. I want to visit there, I am not a decorator by nature, but I LLOOVVEE a decorated home.

REAL ME said...

I enjoyed reading about your week. I also really admire how you make church day the most important. You are doing good, mama!