Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blogging Blahs

After hearing that my blog was "dry" to some readers (although this was a male reader, and my blogs rarely pertain of anything interesting to that gender), I've decided to save my blogging for those "burning on the brain" topics. Until then, here's a little bit of news:

We are selling our house!!!! Our 2nd place of residence (we are now on our 4th), has been rented out since we moved out of it, but we've had an offer and everything seems to be moving towards having it sold in just a couple of weeks. This is a great burden off of our shoulders. Two houses are one too many for a family of our economic stature. Now begins the task of moving all of our stuff from the shop there to our new house. This, frankly, is terrifying for me! I have to find a way to get all the stuff in my house and keep it organized!!

Other than that, there's not much going on, besides filtering through all the kids' new toys--60% of it is going in the top of the coat closet to bring out sporadically throughout the year. They cannot possibly play with all this stuff now. It just means more picking up for yours truly.

Hubby and I started on Weight Watchers yesterday. The Hubster is doing great--being really meticulous about what goes in his mouth. He is keeping me motivated :0).

My kiddos are all snotty, but so far, that is the extent of their cruddies (thankfully). Last night, I was so exhausted and I went to bed at 9:00 and did not move until Emma woke up at 3:00. Taking care of these whinies is draining me. I know, I'm whining. Sorry. OK, before I get to rambling, I'll sign off. Stay tuned for more interesting things to come.

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I always enjoy stopping by your blog.