Saturday, December 27, 2008

Special Moments

Well, Christmas is over for most people, but due to sickness in my family, we were unable to travel to Alabama for Christmas Day. So, we are going to have Christmas on New Year's! We'll just pretend it's Christmas Day. Do you think it will be the same?

Since we didn't go to Bama, we went to John's Aunt's for dinner and his Dad's for a late Christmas dinner and to open presents. It is so very different in a divorced family. John's step-siblings are great and we always have a great time with them. Still, I am so thankful that my parents stayed together. There is so much we were spared from as children and beyond by them sticking it out. I know they probably had some hard times, but they were faithful through it all.

Last night (Christmas night), John and the two eldest camped out in the living room! We took the bathtub box and fashioned it into a little "tent" of sorts and they slept under it. I don't think they made it all night, though, because Gracie snuck in the bed with me and I found John and Elijah in Elijah's bed. Hehe...I guess the floor got a little hard.

Sorry, this picture is a little blurry and grainy. Probably cause I zoomed.

I've been procrastinating (ahem, Moni), and still haven't got the gifts wrapped for the trip (yikes!). But it will all work out. Besides that, we've been pretty productive around here this weekend. I cleaned out my van. It was ATROCIOUS!! I took all the seats out and vacuumed and wiped them down. I hate going on a trip in a dirty vehicle. Over at the Homespun Heart, she had some really cute ideas for road trip entertaining. If only I had the time.....sigh. We also cleaned off our front porch. It no longer looks like Home Depot blew up and all the pieces landed on our porch.

That's been something on my mind lately--it seems like I clean, clean, clean and have no fun time with my younguns. New Year's Resolution: more balance! More coloring, more games, more ice cream (well, at least for them), more trips to the
"wiewary" (library) :0).

Elijah and I had some really sweet snuggle time today while it was thundering (he's scared to death of "unner"). He whispered, "There's a terrible lizard (blizzard) outside, Mama." And then he wrapped his arms around my neck and said, "You're my main man, Mama." And later, "My Daddy is really big and strong and he loves me", so seriously. My heart just melted like butter. I love these moments. Have you had any special moments with your little sweet peas lately?

Well, it is 9:17, and I have lots to do before I hit the hay. Clean the kitchen, sweep the floors, assemble the casserole (Mexican Lasagna, mmm) for tomorrow's church lunch and iron hubby's clothes for church. Looks like it's going to be a late one for me. Ta-ta!


Brandy said...

I love the camping out, Brodie fell asleep in his "new" chair tonight. I love the moments that are between you and your kids. That is the best hugs and kisses. I have enjoying reading your blogs lately, check my page I have been doing a few.

REAL ME said...

Love the tent!

Natural Mama said...

Enjoyed the post all around! Busy mama, you!