Monday, December 1, 2008

My $20 Christmas Tree!!

On Friday, we retrieved our Christmas Tree from storage. Unfortunately, all of our ornaments are in storage in another place, so I went to the Dollar Tree with $20 and bought some stuff for the tree. I was amazed at how far that $20 went. Excluding a topper, my tree is completely decorated! Here are some pictures of the den, before we rearranged, added blinds and curtains, and put up the Christmas tree:

Elijah helping Daddy hang the blinds:

The proud decorators in front of their tree! (please forgive Grace's lack of feminine attire).

The finished product--new blinds, new curtains, and Christmas Tree.

And below, sisters playing babies together!


Sondra! said...

I LOVE dollar store decor! It looks great and when did Emma get big enough to play???? Where is that baby you just gave birth to?

REAL ME said...

Very pretty. Those balls looks so great!

Natural Mama said...

Love your frugality! :) I can't believe Emma is playing dolls!!! CUUUTE kiddos! :)