Saturday, December 6, 2008


Our pastor has been encouraging our little flock to be more passionate about soul-winning. To get a burden and start our own ministries to the people around us. I've been pondering in my mind, "What can I do? I rarely venture away from our home unless it's to go to Wal-Mart or church. I have three babies to drag along anywhere I go. It's not the best situation for door-to-door ministry or things like that." I mean, I know I can pray, and that is the most important thing, but how can I put feet on my prayers? The Word says He knows our needs before we even ask them, and I know He knows our thoughts before we ever even present them to Him in prayer. Well, the Lord has answered these questions this week in some interesting ways, and He is showing me that if I will just open my eyes, I will see the opportunities He is giving me.

Opportunity #1:

Wednesday we went grocery shopping, and though I usually go at night when John gets home from class or when a sitter can stay with them, I took them all with me this time (we've had sitters twice this week, and I didn't want to burn people out). Well, as usual, people stopped to ooh and aah over the kids, and to ask the usual questions: "Are they all yours? How old are they?" and remark, "Wow! You've got your hands full!" That one is a classic. One lady pursed her lips and said, "Mmm, Girl! You got it goin' on! I don't know how you do it, but you got it goin' on!" lol....I like those kind :). Anyway, (forgive me, I am going down rabbit trails) one lady about my age with a little boy started talking to me about how precious Emma was and she said, "You're Pentecostal aren't you?" and I said "Yes". She said, "I was raised that way." This opened the door for me to tell her about our church and invite her. She said that was just what she'd been looking for, and so I gave her directions to the church. Don't know if she'll come, but you never know. It hit me later that God can use the fact that I have three adorable attention-getter kids to give me opportunities to witness!!!! Isn't that awesome?

Opportunity #2:

A couple of weeks ago, on a day when it was nice out, we all bundled up in hats and coats and went for a walk through our neighborhood. I noticed an elderly man who lives a couple of houses down was out raking his yard. I've noticed that he lives alone and never seems to have company. God laid this little man on my heart, and every day since then I have thought about him. So yesterday I baked another batch of pumpkin bread and today John and I walked over and took him some. He turned out to be very sweet and seemed touched by our visit. I believe we just made a new friend and am excited about it.

I am not sharing this to paint roses on myself, but to give testimony to the fact that there is always some way to reach out outside of our little confined world, if we want to bad enough. It does not seem like I even got a chance to really get down and pray about it, but just thinking about it and pondering it in my heart, and all of a sudden, the answers were there! This is the busiest season of the year, and the loneliest for many people. Let's show Jesus to someone who needs Him!

I will leave you with some "Get the camera!" moments from today:

In preparation for John's company Christmas party, I took a shower (yeah!), leaving John in charge of our precious little angels. This is what I found when I came out of the bathroom--your guess is as good as mine?

And, lastly, the joyful quartet that brings peace and happiness to my life (did I say peace?).


Brandy said...

First, you kids are so cute!! I can't belive how big the baby has gotten.
Second, you are so right, we as mothers have the perfect position with cute kids.
May God contuine to bless you and give you plenty of openings.

Raquel said...

Hello! Found your blog via Eyes of Wonder. You are doing a great ministry in raising your children. I am Pentecostal as well, attend a UPC church in MO. Your children are adorable! I'll definitely be by again to visit! Much love, Raquel XO