Sunday, November 2, 2008

Valleys & Mountains

We all go through seasons in our life, and in some aspects, seasons change more than they should. Spiritually, we go through times of tests and trials. It seems I'm either about to enter a valley, in the middle of one, or just coming out of one. It's this process that teaches me to depend on God more than anything. And every now and then He gives me a mountaintop, and I stand there, arms wide, the wind blowing through my hair, viewing in awe the breathtaking view of the sky above and the earth beneath. From way up there, I can even see the beauty of the valley that seemed so dark and desolate as I was passing through it. This is the moment when I wonder why in the world do I question God's perfect plan, His infinite wisdom, His unfailing direction? He told me in His Word that His ways are higher than my ways, and His thoughts are higher than my thoughts. From way up on that mountaintop, I can see His view of the valley. And I hope and pray, that when it comes time to go through the next one, I'll remember what it looked like, and I'll thank Him for it, and I won't take a step through it without consulting Him. Because the peak of the mountaintop is much smaller than the slope of the valley, and so it takes longer to make it through that valley than it does to pass over that majestic peak. We can't stand on that mountain forever, we have to keep going, to move on to the next season.

Right now, I am on a mountaintop in my marriage. God has given us a renewal of consideration and appreciation for one another. Our looks are more tender, our words more carefully chosen, the tone of our voice softer than ever before in our relationship. This is a mountaintop I do not want to come down from! ;). As a matter of fact, I think it's probably something that should be permanent. And people, I am willing to fight for it! It's evident that as I grow closer to the Savior, that intimacy spills out on every other aspect of my life. Oh, I want more! I want more of Him. I want to see what else He will make richer and sweeter.

Looking around at the state of the world around us, the uncertainty and the change crackling in the air, it makes me want to hold onto what I know is real and solid. My relationship with my husband and my Jesus are the two most important ones, the ones that will be my strength in the months to come. I sense that the results of this election will bring on a valley of enormity such as we have never, ever experienced, as a country and as Christians. It is frightening, yet exciting! I truly believe, with all my heart, that we are the generation that will be raptured in the second coming of Christ. WOW! That is HUGE! Can you really grasp that? We will experience the rapture of the church! We will hear the trumpet sound, and in an instant, we will be in Paradise, gone from this world, no more flesh to battle. That will be the biggest mountaintop of all, my friends, and the end of all valley trials.

This will be my train of thought this week, as another Monday rolls around. Live every day the best I can. Slow down. Give Him a chance to show me what He wants for me. Get to know Him better. Apply it. See the results. Praise Him.


Sondra! said...

I missed your blog while you were enjoying your family. I LOVE what you wrote today. It is so true. God is in control and if we will ever figure that out- imagine the 'greatness' we can accomplish through Him.
While you were away, I blogged on my anniversary. I think you will like it since you seem to be in the same boat. Isn't marriage awesome? Can you imagine a bad one? I really can't fathom not being loved and I mean that. (Now sometimes I'd trade him......)

REAL ME said...

Thanks for sharing. I just came from Natural Mama X2 blog and I am so glad I did. I can really relate and agree with what you have shared.