Friday, November 21, 2008

Our (Sort of) Fun Friday Report

Well, I'm not sure how much "fun" we had today. I started out with plans of us doing some exercises together--something to get our blood moving (to help us get warm). So I looked up an exercise at home video on youtube. Just a little ten minute work out shouldn't be that bad, right? Umm....well, after three minutes of my bra falling off and my hairpins flying, I decided that was enough. Not to mention I was about to have a cardio. Go ahead, laugh out loud. I am! ;).
Here's a look at our exercise attempt:

Clue: I. am. out. of. shape. I think I'll try some mild Leslie Sansone walking workouts next time. oooh me.

Most of the day we spent watching Road to Avonlea reruns on youtube. We had a lunch of corn dogs with strawberry jelly on them (Elijah's idea). Then it was naptime and by the time we got up, almost time for Dad to come home. Grace and I made some chilli and a pan of cornbread. She helped me measure and pour the ingredients, and I can tell she really likes to "help" me. While Grace and I cooked, I put some Indiana Bible College Choir videos on (also youtube) and Elijah had a ball with his drumsticks, playing the drums along with the choir. If you like choir music, these college kids are aweSOME.

This evening, after supper, we had a family trip to WAL-MART. We took the kids down the toy aisles, to see what excited them the most. Elijah, well, he wanted everything he saw. Particularly the Fisher Price Geotrax train sets, some toy guns, and a drum set (of course). Grace was into the dress-up stuff, although I'm not sure if she is old enough for it yet.

I am going to do better next Friday. This week I am going to focus on coming up with some fun stuff to do with them, indoors on Friday. It is absolutely impossible to do anything outside in this cold.

Please forgive the lack of pictures--the batteries on my camera are dead and the charger has not been working, either. We are buying regular batteries instead of rechargeable so when they are dead we have to run to the store for more. I hate it! But we will be back on the picture taking train soon, I hope.

Till next time...

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Wendi & Benjamin Wood said...

try buyng a new charger...that might work.