Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday again?

Wow....another week! And what a week it has been...cold weather, snotty youguns, church every night (except for Tuesday night when I stayed home with oldest and youngest, who were both sick). But I am excited! I've been working on my HMB this week, and it's got me psyched! I'm just starting out with the basics, I figure I will revise as I go. I can already tell it is going to make a huge difference in the organizatin/upkeep of my home, as well as being a great stress-reducer for the homekeeper :).

Last Saturday night, we had a bonfire/hayride get together at church as a sort of Veteran's Day/Fall fest in one. They hayride was during the day, decorated with balloons, flags, and signs saying "Thank you, Veterans". They passed out fliers for our revival and Veteran's Day service on Sunday. That night, everyone was around the fire roasting hot dogs. The kids were all playing together on the swings. I was checking on mine every 15 minutes or so. I fixed them a plate, and when I went to gather them to eat, no Gracie! I called a few times, and she would not answer. I could not find her! I guess people noticed me calling and before long about 5 people were calling and looking. It was pitch black outside and in a wooded area close to a thicker woods. We looked and looked. I told myself not to panic, that she was probably fine. Finally, I decided to go across the road to the church and see if she had wondered over there. She is scared of her shadow, so I didn't think she would walk that far by herself in the dark. I went into the building and called her, but nothing. I walked all the way to the back of the building, and there she was, sitting in the fellowship hall, in a chair, all by herself, drinking a bottle of water. RELIEF! The little stinker was sitting there listening to me call for her and not answering! I guess she is braver than I thought.

It seems this week my mind has been going ninety-to-nothing, thinking about the president-elect, the economy, hearing people's opinions and predictions, and dwelling on what the future is going to hold. I've got past the point of worrying about it. God will provide for His people. Bottom line. But I have this overwhelming desire to sell everything here and move to the country (Alabama, Kentucky?). Grow a garden, raise some animals, and live as simply and independently as I can. We are in dire need of selling our rent house (please help us pray), and now we have this one as well, which we bought in hopes of flipping (not much chance with the economy like it is). So I know this is not highly possible. I just feel like I would feel safe in a farmhouse somewhere with barns and sheds for canning and storing naturally-grown produce and other foods. A place where my kids could go outside and play without the danger of getting ran over or kidnapped. KWIM? Anyway, enough of these dire thoughts.

There is so much to pray about, more than ever, ever, ever! I think we need to remember to pray for one another, for the families out there who are trying to live right and holy and pleasing to God. And in the meantime, cherish every moment. Make more special memories. Invest your time and energy in the things that really matter.


Natural Mama said...

Great post--glad Gracie is okay! heart was racing with yours albeit a little later. ha

Yes, listen to that voice telling you to move to the country! We can learn to can together. We can learn to raise goats and chickens together. :o)

Sounds fun! John? John? Are you there? LOL

Autumn said...

What is the HMB?? Just curious may want to get in on that if it helps with organization! I would have been totally freaking out about Grace! Thank god she is ok!