Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend In Review (Lousiana Purchase Zoo)

It seemed like forever since our family had done anything FUN. So hubby decided to use one of his vacation days and take the family on a little get-a-way on Friday. We drove about two hours East to The Louisiana Purchase Zoo in Monroe, LA.

Our entire family of 5 was admitted to the zoo for $15.00! Can't beat that with a stick!

Hubby & I had visited the zoo about 6-7 years ago, as newlyweds, and even then, it was not in the best of shape. And it's located right in the heart of the "quarters" if you kwim. So, we knew we weren't going to a huge, state of the art zoo and we were OK with that. We just wanted somewhere to take the kids for a short, enjoyable outing and they were tickled pink.

We kicked things off with a little picnic lunch:

Then posed for some silly pics:

That's a really fierce expression there, Hon. Yikes!

It didn't take us long to realize it was HOT, so when we spied the (covered)boat tour, on we hopped and away we floated to view some of the interesting and beautiful creatures our God made...

A Mom with her new baby. She was a little protective. Can't blame her for that!

I think we fit into the category of 'interesting and beautiful' :).

Next, we strolled around and looked at the many different kinds of monkeys. It's amazing how many variations God made of the same species!

This couple kept giving one another sugar. Get a room already! :)

The kids & hubby visited the Reptile house. I declined. No, thank you, little snakies.

One of my favorite things about the zoo were the peacocks and ducks that roamed freely around the zoo. We also got to touch and feed a hippo, which was probably the neatest thing about the day. Didn't get any pics of that, though. :(

We left the zoo and headed to Wal-Mart to meet with some dear old friends of ours, but on the way, we spotted a Dirt Cheap! Hubby slammed on the brakes and whipped the truck around faster than you can say "bargain" :). Dirt Cheap is a salvage type store that we love to shop at back home, but there have never been any here in Louisiana, to our knowledge. So we were SUPER excited to find it! Got some great deals!

We ended the day with supper at Cracker Barrel and a three hour visit with an older couple who have been wonderful mentors to us over the years. We don't get to see them as often as we would like, though.

This will probably be my only post for this week, as we are in revival at church and there will be no extra time available for such leisure activities. Unless I get really inspired by one of the services and feel like preaching a sermon :). Look out!

Have a good week, my dear readers!


No Ordinary Me said...

I haven't been to MOnore in over 12 years. I lived in Rayville, Louisana for years. I love the peacocks.

Natural Mama said...

It's about time for us to have one of those hot, albeit, fun outings! :)

No pics, not even a list of your findings at dirt cheap?!? :)

Have a great Revival!

Ashlee said...

Looks like a blast!!! I agree with the other pics of your great deals at Dirt Cheap? I'm greatly disappointed in this. :(

Glad you all had a good weekend.