Monday, May 3, 2010

His First Crush (Tuesdays Unwrapped)

Do you remember your first crush? I do. I was in kindergarten.

He was adorable.

Glossy brown hair and puppy dog brown eyes, fringed with thick lashes.


Unfortunately, every other little girl in the class thought he was adorable, too. Worse than that, my best friend was the prettiest girl in the class and she was the one who caught his eye.

I slipped him the "check yes or no" letter, and opened the reply with eyes squinted shut.

He checked "no".




You'd think I would've taken that lesson into the teenage years and kept it to myself when I liked a boy. But I didn't. And that's another post.

Now, my adorable little boy is 5. He has little girl friends that he likes to play with and tease. But this one is different. Sunday, he went to church with his Beamie (paternal g'ma) at a sister church about an hour's drive from here. When he came home, he told us about Children's Church and his teacher, and then...

"There was this girl. Her name is Cassidy."

"Yea? Did she talk to you?"

"No, she just winked her eyes at me."

(trying to hide a smile).."Did you talk to her?"

"No, I was too shy." ...hhmmm...

"Well what did she look like?"

"She was like one of those blonde-headed girls."


He's not going back to that church. :)

p.s. Who could resist this face?

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Anonymous said...

Aww! Sweet.

I actually have the most embarrassing story. When I was in 4th grade I had a crush on this boy. I did that check if you like me letter. I passed it to him during our class reading time. It was really quite. After he opened it and read it I had sneezed and when I did I let out a (poot) sniff!! hahaha! He crossed the YES out that he had marked and circled NO as the class laughed at me for my noise maker. I was so crushed.

MameyJane said...

You poor thing!! That's TERRIBLE (but funny) :).

Southern Gal said...

Sounds like we have a lot in common. You like boy, boy likes your best friend. Throughout school. Your little one sounds adorable.

Mary said...

That is a sweet story! I love how protective you are of his heart by adding that he would not be going back to that church! It gets harder as they get older...

Tammy said...

My youngest son Brandon was the boy that the girls chased,and still do. He was so adorable,blonde hair blue eyes and smile to die for. I know he's my boy but he was a cutie and has grown into a handsome godly young man that the girls (some not so good) chase him. I'm so thankful he has a good head on his shoulders!

Natural Mama said...

WTG, Elijah--Erin's gonna be jealous! :) Cute story!

dawn said...

my son goes for the blondes too...

Your son is adorable. He's sure to steal many girls' hearts. Sounds like he's stolen his mama's for sure. :)