Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We Have Livestock!

Meet the newest members of our household. Well, maybe "yardhold" is better term to use. The kiddos have been super excited, and surprisingly, I have gotten attached to them already. We got them in the hopes of producing our own eggs, bringing us one small step closer to the homesteading status.

Our dreams of mass egg production have already been threatened, as four chickens have already went the way of the Last Mohican. Each night for the past three nights, some creature has made its way into our chicken yard and stolen one of our chickens. John spotted a suspicious-looking stray cat with its hide pulled off running under our house the first morning. Upon inspection of the chicken yard, we discovered wire pulled back where some creature made its escape. The jagged edges of the wire had ripped through the cat's backside, pulling the hide off. So, we know who our culprit is. Apparantly, it climbs to the top of the coop and knocks the boards off to get in, then squeezes through the chicken wire, which is nailed down every four inches. Skinny cat. Evil, wicked, baby-chicken eating cat. We wish to place a bullet in his brain. Last night, he got two more, leaving one still inside the pen, decapitated. Die you evil cat!

We spotted the cat resting in the driveway of a house one street over last weekend, and I have decided I am going to make a visit and see if the cat does indeed belong to them and if it does, inform them of his deviant behavior. I say cats who eat chickens should be treated as the horse thieves of yester-year. Instant death!!

Here's hoping we don't lose anymore chickens in the meanwhile. I'll keep you posted.


Natural Mama said...

Ugh, yeah, that would make me majorly perturbed! I have always heard that once any animal gets a taste of chicken blood, so to speak, they are a chicken killer for life! That's probably why it keeps coming back.
Hope the issue gets resolved for ya'll. Keep us updated!

Ashlee said...

That is terrible but so funny! I hope it all gets worked out for ya!