Saturday, August 21, 2010

Emma Turns 2!!

Two years, one week ago...celebrating her arrival...

One year ago...celebrating 1 year!!

And now, the big 2!

Last Saturday, August 14, my baby turned TWO years old! Because we were traveling last weekend, we celebrated today with a small party of close friends.

Two is such a fun age, with each new day producing new experiences for my sweet girl. New words, new expressions, new tricks--our days are filled with "Let me do it!" and hand claps and "yea's" as each new challenge is accomplished. As proud as I am of these milestones, they are bittersweet, because each one removes a link in the chain of babyhood. Soon they will all be gone and she will be free to roam around the independent world of big-girlness.

But for now, I treasure every wet kiss and tight-neck-hug and arm reaching for me. She is truly a joy, and brings light and laughter to each member of our family, each day.

Emma-Rae, Mama loves you! Happy Birthday!

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Ashlee said...

She's so cute!! Happy Birthday, Emma!