Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Being Frugal, Part 2

So, last post we defined what it means to be frugal. Since then, my senses have been most keen to the frugality of MY life. In actuality, just about EVERYTHING I do revolves around the mantra, "How Little Money Can I Spend To Get By?" I go grocery shopping, and find myself scratching things off the list, and in my head going, "Don't really need that. Save $1.50." When I'm not thinking about how NOT to spend money, I'm thinking about how to MAKE money. I find some .25 cent in-great-condition baby clothes at a yard sale, and even though I don't have a little boy in size 0-3 months, I know they will sell for at least $5 each at the local twice-yearly consignment sale. Grab 'em!

I turn my nose up at sales racks that sport "30% OFF" signs. That does NOT impress me. Speaking of which, I've noticed that's as low as Target's sale racks go these days. What's up with that? Anyways, I loathe going to a yard sale where people are trying to turn their front yard into a Dillard's department store. If I wanted to pay $10 for one garment, I'd go to the mall. And it would be brand new. Truthfully, I rarely pay $10 for a garment at the mall. It has to be UNDAH TEN DOLLAHS to go home with me. Yep, I'm a tough customer. But people are always asking me where I buy my kids clothes and commenting on how cute they look. Savvy. That I am. I have to confess, though, I spent $25.00 on this dress at the consignment store last year:

It was still in the Strasburg garment bag, y'all. Brand new. Check out the original price on this lovely item: $134.99. Definitely worth the exception. I told myself I would resell it on ebay, where Strasburg dresses go for about $50 bucks. But after trying it on Gracie, I decided to hang on to it for a while :). Doesn't she look precious?

Which proves, no matter how frugal you are or try to be, it's OK to spend a little bit more sometimes. It feels good to unclench the fist every now and then.


Ivy said...

I do the same thing with finding baby clothes at yard sales! I do a twice yearly consignment sale too and I love going to yard sales. I have found a lot of cheap baby clothes and sold them at that sale for a lot more than I paid for them. Also, I can buy my baby girl a dress when it goes on sale at The Children's Place for 5.00 and when she has out grown it, sale it at that sale for 5.00! Free clothes!!! I have found out which brands have a good re-sale value and that is what I buy (if it's from a yard sale or majorly on sale in the store).

Ashlee said...

My mother in law got Kari a Strasburg dress at a yard sale for $5!!! It is so cute....and it was almost brand new as well. I definitely scrimp and wait for sales on the kids' clothes because they don't stay in them as long. But when it comes to jean skirts and such for myself, I buy them when I can find them to fit and long. By the time they go on sale they only come in size 6. LOL!