Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chicken Thief Caught

After all that ranting about an "evil, chicken-eating cat", I must sheepishly retract. It was an evil, chicken-eating coon. After losing another chicken Monday night, it dawned on DH that he did after all own a wildlife, night-vision camera and why in the world hadn't he thought to put it out there before?

The culprit, unaware that his ugly mug was being photographed, crept up to the chicken pen and tried unsuccessfully to get his nasty paws into the fence. We figure he must have reached his hand in and snatched them as they walked past his post. That was a big coon, and I can't fathom his squeezing through the 4-inch gaps between nails.

At any rate, his chicken-eating days are over, at least from our brood. He can find another coop to traumatize and vandalize. If he comes back to ours, he will find himself trapped and disposed of. I say bring it on, you black-eyed bandit! Revenge...sweet, sweet revenge :).


Ashlee said...

Oh, girl!! I hope you get him good!! I hate those things. Nasty and varmint-y.

No Ordinary Me said...

Yes, the busy time is here. It is normal. But it is a good feeling at the end of the day. I am tired and sometimes I have to not let my self cry that I can't do it all. :)

But I am grateful I have a husband to care for, children to school and nuture, and a home that I can tend too. I am trying to remind myself this, sometime every minute. hahaha!

You will get a flow. One thing I was told was to remember to not overdo it when they are in the younger grades because then you can burn out real quick.