Monday, November 2, 2009

Tour de Home (Part II)

Last week, I showed you a little bit of my palace. This is the fourth house I've lived in in 7 years of marriage, and it's pretty close to being my favorite. It's 2600 square feet, and when we moved in it was bare drywall(no-primer)with a seriously out-of-date kitchen (understatement of the year), and awful pet-stained carpet. The living room floor was just plywood. I am proud of all we have accomplished in a year and a half! We're still not finished by any means. Our master bathroom is completely un-usable at this point. Even so, it truly is a palace to me. Anything can be a palace; a mobile home, an apartment, even a camper. It's the contentment in one's heart that makes a dwelling a home. The decor aspect is a slow and on-going process, and definitely not what I want it to be, but I do love my home!

Today I will show you the den/library/computer repair shop, the living room, and the laundry room.

Den/library/computer repair shop:
Our new FREE couch and loveseat::

My husband's sermon books:

Isn't the cord coming out of the wall lovely?

The Living Room:

Laundry Room:
I love my laundry room! It has lots of storage. The wall to the left has a 3-unit storage cabinet, and then there are the cabinets over the washer/dryer.

I'm so thankful for my home and for all the wonderful friends who have helped us in the remodeling process. We've had some great help with every aspect. What a blessing! Come and visit anytime!



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Anonymous said...

You do have a lovely home. Thanks for sharing.

Natural Mama said...

love the tour...nice den!! I can see your book cases in your LR painted white...can you? Well, your like me probably and have lots of ideas of things to do in the future...well, gotta go...I guess I missed the pics of the kids rooms tho?

Brandy said...

Wow! You have a really big house. I so long for the day that I will have a bigger house. I like the floors and the white dresser/table. Really like you LR, it is a nice size, the color is very warm.