Thursday, October 1, 2009


Messes, messes everywhere!!

My son is a mess! You never know what he might do next, or what he may put on next.

And this one, my goodness. Emptying drawers of clothes on the floor, digging in the trash can, tearing up the CD rom on our pretty much new computer, climbing, pooping in the tub...what a MESS! And a pretty cute one at that.

And the Mess Queen herself, is not actually in this picture, but her whole name is Grace MakeAMess Elizabeth Acklen. She likes to make them. Any chance she gets. It's FUN!! But she is also, one of the sweetest, most caring and considerate little girls I've ever met. Not to mention considerate. Look--she was worried that Snowbell might get cold during his nap. So she covered him up with a t-shirt. Aaww.

And yet another mess--the one I made while making my fall wreath Tuesday. Ain't it a grand one?

p.s. Do you think I may be running out of blog topics??


Brandy said...

I know what you mean, I have my FIL comming for dinner and we are doing a craft day. Am I crazy or what? Love reading what is going on in your life.

Anonymous said...

Funny. I don't thik your running out of Topics. One day you will look back at this post and so laugh.

Sondra! said...

I can't get over the name "Snowbell" that just cracks me up. Well, I'm sure you'll clean them up and all will be well again. ;)