Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I've Been Busy!

This week, my Mom has been here helping to keep me from getting lonely while DH is away. I am so glad she has been here, for else the days would be terribly long and lonesome! There has been no watching the clock this week! I look up and say, "Wow! Is it lunch time already? Is it time for supper already?" We have been very busy, completing those all those little projects that I have started and got stuck on and had to stop, and also the ones I've had in the back of my head and never even started.

The first matter of importance on our list was to make a cover/cushion for this storage box/bench thingy in my dining room. The previous owners installed it and I've always thought it was kind of odd, but it is pretty handy for storage. Here is how it has looked for the 1 1/4 years (can you believe it has been that long?) that we have lived here:

And here it is after our little "makeover"! Better, eh? I got the fabric at Hobby Lobby, off of the remnant table for around $9.00. The cushion was not so cheap, and I was not so happy with the thin-ness of it, but it does the trick! I love it!

Project #2:
Mom got me this white lamp base at a yard sale when we first bought the house. I dunno how much she paid for it, but I'm sure it was a steal. Since my daughter's furniture is white, I thought it would need something to make it pop a little. I bought a pack of vinyl wall stickers at Target on the $1 rack.
I've seen other people blog about recovering lampshades and thought, "I can do that!" Have you ever thought that? You know what? You CAN! Just DO IT! It's liberating! And if you mess up, oh well! So I watched yard sales for a nice lamp shade, and finally found one for $3. I bought a yard of fabric at WM for $1.50. Grand total=$5.50. I was very pleased with how it turned out.

Project #4:
My girls' hairbows were taking over. Spilling out, over, and everywhere. And of course I keep making them and adding to the loot. So they needed a new place to call home. I found a canvas board at Goodwill one day for $1.99, and bought some fabric at WM, again on the $1.50 table. Ain't it cute? It looks even better with all the bows attached.

Project #5:
Kitchen curtains!! Yeah! And I sewed these on my own, with a little over the shoulder guidance from Mom. I'm so proud. I think they probably cost about $2 apiece. Pretty good when compared to the $15.00 valances I wanted at Target. These are to hold me over until I can get what I really want. But until then, I love these!

Project #6:
We made Grace a skirt out of a pair of jeans. It's so hard to find skirts long enough these days. Sorry but I don't care to have my 3 year old dressing like a hootchie :). FYI, I got these jeans at a yard sale for $2. No pic yet, but I will take one of her sassy little Highness wearing it soon and you can see.

We also cleaned out my den/computer room/storage room/study/computer repair shop. I have 8 garbage bags and 3 boxes of stuff sitting in my foyer waiting to be taken to Goodwill. The room now looks more like a den/computer room/study/computer repair shop. And a lot more tidy at that. No pics of that yet (tomorrow).

Can you see why I've had nooo problem falling asleep at night? The evenings after the kids go to bed have been spent in companionable silence, reading a book and eating popcorn. Don't we sound like two little ole ladies?? Even old ladies can have fun!


Anonymous said...

You go mama. You did great on all those projects.

Natural Mama said...

Aww, I'm so proud for you and your wonderful new projects...everything looks great! I can't wait to see a pic of the skirt and your den. I no u r so glad 2 hve it cleaned up! Tell ur mom that we r takin care of papa..fixin him sme food in the crock pot, etc. :)
Luv ya

Marlene said...

RE: Project #5 Helpful Hint

Simple valances are an easy and cheap means of adding a decorative touch to your kitchen. Even better if you pick the fabric up on a clearance rack AFTER the holiday. Make them up now and next year you're all set with a new holiday decoration for just pennies.