Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ordinary Joy

As I tried to think what to blog about, I realized there's not been very much of interest going on around here lately. We've been going about our days, getting established in a routine and just being a family. Our home is pretty ordinary, with ordinary messes, mishaps, and merriment. I find myself singing more lately, and I see that joy spilling over onto my children. The Lord is stirring me, drawing me closer. There is something in my soul that says we don't have long. Not only are the signs all around us, but they are inside me as well. Something is saying, "Get ready. Draw closer. Get away from this, put away that. It doesn't matter. It will rob you of your desire for Me. Come near. Sup with me." Does anyone else feel it? This Christian life, it really does get sweeter as the days go by. It has matured me, changed my view of myself and where I fit in this world. I want more of it!

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Sondra! said...

I love your post! It is so true. Ordinary joy is the greatest!!!

Oh, and thanks for the comments about our kids. I think they are pretty, too. They don't want to hear that.heehee You are too kind.