Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What I Call A Holiday

Our long weekend is over! But it was a pretty good one! We spent the weekend w/ our good friend the Johnson's, up till Monday. Our church had a big Memorial Day Fun Day planned, which we were all geared up to attend. But come Monday morning, we were tired, and dreading a day in the heat with tired and winey younguns. So we vegged out! We decided to do our own thing and have our own Acklen Fun Day. We haven't had very much time together as a family in the past couple of weeks, and we felt we needed to do that. So we had lunch at Nicky's (Mexican). It was delish! Then we went back to John's Dad's and got in the pool with our kids. Between the four and a half of us, the little 2-footer was full! But the water felt so good and the kids were soooooo excited that Daddy was playing in the water with them. It was a time to remember. After our swim, we all took a 3 hour nap together. We all slept like logs. Mamey fixed a delicious supper for us, and we continued to veg the evening through. Now I don't know about you, but that's what I call a holiday!

On another note, if all goes wells, we will spend Friday night in our new house! There has been a glitch with the electric company, who says the address of our house does not exist! No electric=no moving in. Arghg!! We're so close! I am going to add a link so y'all can see some pics of the house, and then I will add some more when we get in it. Keep checking back!


Natural Mama said...

I keep checking back and see no updated posts! :/ Girl, you better get to blogging when you get moved in! :) When are you coming back to AL? The Family fun day sounded similar to ours except we worked in the garden a lot of the day! whew! Miss ya!

Autumn said...

I am glad you guys had some family time. you are so close to that house I can't wait to see it.