Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hard Lessons Learned

There are some things about Motherhood that you just have to learn that hard way. Here are a few that have bonked me over the head!

  1. Kids are "trained" in their behavior by what I DO, not just what I SAY. Ex: saying "thank you" when they hand me something or do something I've asked them to do. Saying "excuse me" after a belch. Asking the blessing before eating.
  2. Praise for a deed done right or good goes a loooooooooooooooong way. Much longer than criticism for doing or acting the wrong way.
  3. Breastfeeding is not easy. The first month or so is the most challening you will ever experience. But in the end, it's the most precious thing in the world. It also comes in handy when the plant across the room is a little dry and you're too lazy to get up and water it. Know what I mean? :) (aim, fire).
  4. It is stupid to think that you can sit for 1/2 on the computer or with your nose in a book and your kids will not do something terrible. It is doubly stupid to punish them in frustration for that terrible misdeed when it is your fault that you were absent from them for that length of time and left them to fulfill their deepest temptations. Come on! (I can't tell you how hard this lesson was).
  5. Do not expect your husband to come home and provide "disaster relief" after a bad day. Chances are, you will wind up stepping in and taking over anyway, because Daddies lack the Mommy instinct we have from nature and experience. Just say a silent prayer for strength and get through it! Your husband will most likely be more willing to share your burden if he is not nagged into it!



Wendi & Benjamin Wood said...

So, any hints to John about mother's day? I want pearls! A mother of three, why not?? And real ones, at that! Ha!

What about pictures? And will you post some of Grand-Papi or G-Daddy and Mamie with the we can show ours? Thanks...also some of Nana and Papaw, and Mother said you took Kaleb fishing today, how did that go?

Natural Mama said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes!

So, you found a house yet? I'll probably call you this weekend.