Monday, May 12, 2008

So much to blog about.... little time! Therefore I will categorize:

He is growing up so fast! His latest thing is "No, let me do it!" He is pottying by himself (#1 and #2)--I consider him completely potty trained--except at night, he still sleeps in a diaper. He undresses himself at bathtime. He buckles his own seat belt. He brushes his own teeth. I love to see his big smile and look of pride when he accomplishes something new like this. It is bittersweet, though. It means he is a big boy.
Last night he wanted to order his food at McDonald's "Old McDonald's", as he calls it. So John let down the window and told him to order. He said, "Um, yes, I'll get some french fries, aaaaaaaand chicken nuggets aaaaaaaaand milk shake aaaaaaaaand how 'bout a hamburger?" We were cracking up! It's a good thing the cashier couldn't hear him!

She is one great big bundle of personality!! People often comment on how articulate she is and how friendly. She loves to learn a new song, loves to eat, and looooooooves Barney! She gets so excited about Barney I'm afraid she is going to hyperventilate! She also loves Sunday School and singing in the booster band. Poppy has been riding her on the horses and she wants to ride all by herself, which gives Mama a cardiac attack. I am praying the entire time she is riding. Daddy has decided it is time to break the thumb-sucking habit (which makes me sad) so we are working on her. She is doing pretty good and will stop when she catches herself. She is a sasspot, too! She told her Daddy the other night, "Loook, Daddy, I'm sucking my thumb!" in a very sing-songy, stop-me-if-you-can tone!!!" What are we going to do with her?

I saw a new doctor last Tuesday, Dr. Popwell in Shreveport. I am excited about seeing him! He is going to allow me to try and have a vaginal delivery, but warned me we could wind up having to do a C-section if the baby goes overdue or if any complications arise. I will not be able to have any Pitossin (spell?), which is fine with me. It will be completely natural, except for maybe the assistance of cousin Epi. We will see how much I can handle. I have challenged myself not to go into the hospital until my water breaks. Fingers crossed, we shall see! The OB clinic has its own birthing center next door, and they do not send patients to the main hospital unless there are problems. That sounds sooo nice! Again, I am excited!

Dear Husband (sorry, girls, had to copy)
Loves his new job! The hours and benefits are great! The pay....well, that will improve over time. He passed a software test Friday that will knock out an entire semester of classes for him. He will be an accountant four months sooner! He has been offered a pell grant and a transfer scholarship, and between the two we should not have to take out any school loans. Isn't that a blessing?

The Housing Situation
Is frustrating times 85!! We look at about six houses yesterday, and none of them were impressive. Two were doable, but both needed work. We raised our price range $10,000, and still the houses were lacking in cosmetic appeal and space. We're talking 13-1400 square feet with country blue wallpaper and paneling! We are leaning towards a repo that has a 4th bedroom/playroom/whatever you want it to be and a workshop for John. The kitchen is miniscule, with about four cabinets, the appliances are ancient, the utility room is a walk-through and the bathrooms are tiny. Plus the bonus room has no carpeting--just bare cement foundation. This place needs work and they are still asking $95,000!!! Ghastly! But our realtor feels that since it is a repo we can shoot low (70-80s) and see if they bite. We are praying about it.

That's our life right now, still topsy-turvy. We are working at getting it righted again, but it is taking an agonizingly long time! The Lord is teaching us patience. I keep quoting the verse, "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." The Lord is sure building up our spiritual muscles. I know He has a plan and it is all under control. I rest in that. We are blessed to have a great church to go to in Shreveport, Old Paths Holiness Church. After only a few weeks, it already feels like home. For that we are very thankful.


Natural Mama said...

Looking forward to hearing a blog about your new home!!!

DiPaolo Home said...

Hey girl congratulations on the new baby. When are you due? My number 3 will be here sometime in January. I know what you mean about the c-section. I had one with Caleb but I was able to have katelynn v-bac, which was nice. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Love Elisha