Friday, December 21, 2007


There is such a wonderful peace in knowing that I am sheltered under the wings of God. Life brings change (and we sure have had our share of it, with more to come); but God's faithfulness to me never changes. When a situation arises that overwhelms me, I turn to the rock of my salvation and it holds strong and fast.

We will be in Texas for only a couple more months. As soon as John finds the right job and we find a place to rent, we will be moving to Shreveport! John says he has more peace about this decision than he has had in a long time, and that gives me peace. My husband is a praying man and I know that he has sought God's face for His will and direction for this decision. Although I will greatly miss our church here in FW and all the friends we have made. I have become attached to my little house, as well, but it's just a house.

We are going to have Christmas with our family tomorrow morning! Yeaah!! I am so excited. We got the kids three gifts each, in remembrance of the three gifts brought to Jesus by the wise men. This will be a tradition we hold from here on out.

I wish I had new pictures to post, but alas, the PC that has the capability to upload pics from the camera has died! So y'all will just have to see the old ones for now. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, I'm off to pack for our trip to Alabama!

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