Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cabin Fever

Hello? Is anyone out there? I know the Christmas season is busy, but come on, one little comment wouldn't take that much time. I've been revisited by the ominous "0 Comments" tab again! Anywaaays.... not much to blog about lately. We've been having some wet, nasty, cold weather around here. Today it has not tipped much over 40, and has not been much warmer since Sunday. Yesterday I felt sorry for the kids because they had been cooped up for two whole days, so I bundled them up and put them in the back yard, muddy as it was. I expected them to get dirty, and I wasn't really worried about it. They were truly enjoying themselves as John and I sat down and ate lunch together (with the back door open). About that time Elijah starts hollering for Daddy in a slightly distressed tone. John ran to the door and alas! There was Elijah straddling our 8 foot privacy fence!! (Wendi, if you read this, please do not pass this story on to Nana and Beamey, we will "get it" from them for sure!). I was the only one with shoes on, so I ran out there to fetch him. By the time I got to him, he was dangling by his arms! He got a good little spanking, but I believe it scared him so much that he will not try that one again! How did he do it? He climbed on top of his new slide/playhouse and then transferred over to the fence. Siiiighhh......I bet his guardian angels are exhausted :).

We are having the children's Christmas program at church Sunday night and Grace is going to be an angel and Elijah is going to be a shepherd. That should provide for an interesting blog. I'll keep y'all posted!


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Brandy said...

I know that this must have been a very scary moment but it is just a little funny. I can just see him sitting there. It was probably realy cool at first and then he seen the ground. I have been reading your blogs and they are very funny.