Monday, April 11, 2011

A Monday Moment {It's Not What You Think}

It's Monday again and Operation Weekend Cleanup is in full swing. Each child is sent to his/her room to do their morning pick-ups, which is a little more involved since we have the added debris of weekend mayhem.

I hear Elijah walking up behind me and turn to ask, "Is your room clean yet?" and this is what I see:

It takes a moment for it to register and then we all fall into peals of laughter at my son's shenanigans. And the fact that he knew what I was going to say before I said it. Am I really that predictable? Apparently.

With moments like these, I think we can make it through Monday.

p.s. It's 10:46 pm. I composed this post at 9:03 am. It's been a looong day :).


Natural Mama said...

Amy, that is hilarious!!!!!

Ivy said...

I love it! That is so funny!

Karen said...

That is So cute!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! That comment above is from me:)
I didn't realize my MIL was signed in when I posted it.