Saturday, April 9, 2011

Catching Up

Yea! I finally got some pictures uploaded to the ole 'puter. The cantankerous thing decided it doesn't read memory cards anymore sooo....we have to use Daddy's wildlife camera to upload them...which has been hanging on some tree deep in the woods of the wild for some months now...I mean gracious, what's it doing out there shooting pics of coons and hogs when I could be using it for my blog?? Silly thing.

Going back a month or so...

I spent a week at my Mom's in Alabama back in April and man did we love it! There's no place like home. My kids cry for the first 30 miles when we leave and I fight valiantly not to join them in their's some of the reasons why we love it so much:

*Big ole' cuddly Papa Bears who sit on the front porch and rock and read, in Papa Bear Fashion, while we play in the yard...

*Papa's shed/workshop, where a 6 year old boy can tinker and tanker and build marvelous imaginary inventions (and probably misplace a few tools in the process):

*Acres of green grass where two sisters can explore and play and take pretend trips to Wal-Mart in their stylin' Coupe De Ville....

*Cousins to play with and sing in Booster Band with!

*And for Mama, opportunity to steal a trip to the nearest Dirt Cheap to snag some deals:

~organic vegetable broth

~organic apple juice (in a glass jug!)

~organic lemon ginger echinacea drink

~not shown--3 bags of unbleached all purpose flour

All (except for the honey--which was extracted from my Dad's honey bee hives) at 80% off!

What's your favorite place to visit?


Natural Mama said...

YES, Pictures!!
Love the catching up!

Ivy said...

Your kids are so cute!

MameyJane said...

Thank you, Ivy :).